Do you SnapChat? If so, you are one of the app’s 150 million users. That’s the number of people that are active on it on a daily basis. And they stay for awhile. These 150 million active users spend 25 to 35 minutes on SnapChat every day. I’ll bet that many of these users are checking out good looking women. How could they not? Keep reading for some of the hottest women to follow on SnapChat.

The first question that comes to mind is, “Who to add?” We all want our feeds to fill up with the best of the best. I’m talking about the kind of beauties that make your eyes pop out, men. Since Snapchat is all about the moment, the now, the today, you don’t want the unwanted in your feed wasting your time. You want the good stuff and you want to see it asap. You want to see the most smoking hot selfie pics and videos right now before they disappear.

Snapchat is filled with some of the internet’s sexiest women. By following these hot women on Snapchat it’s like getting a backstage pass to the hottie awards. You get the most awesome pics and videos and you get to know the inside info about your favorites too. It’s fun. It’s big-time eye candy. And it is all on Snapchat. Sometimes it is easier to hit SnapChat and you’ll see a bigger variety of great women than if you Google pics of hotties.

There are also quite a few hot porn stars on SnapChat. If you want to find out the names of porn stars that are fun to follow, click here. You Can also check Danica Patrick Bikini Pics.

Who are the Hottest Women to Follow on SnapChat?

Anytime that anyone puts out any kind of list that says “the best” or “the hottest” or “the whatever…” is going to have people arguing about it. Everyone has different tastes. Us men have different things we like about a women’s appearance. Some guys are all about the ass. Others won’t blink unless the hottie has a helluva rack. I know guys that get all crazy about long legs. Some dudes want a pretty face with long flowing hair. Others, like myself, are more open to different combinations.

With that said and knowing you like what you like, here are, in my opinion, some serious hotties that are “SnapChat follow worthy”.

Nora Segura ButtNora Segura

This doll of a woman has it going on, fo’ sho’. Pretty, great hair, lean body with a butt of the highest quality. Her username is NoraSabinas.

Tawny JordanSnapChat Hottie Tawny Jordan on the Beach

Tawny is playful and gorgeous. She’s active on the app so she’s a good one for fresh snaps. I’m not too excited about her voice, but she’s great to look at. tawnyjordan is her username.

model Josephine Skriver follow on SnapchatJosephine Skriver

Talk about a world class beauty! Josephine Skriver has it all in my book. Looks, body, hair, eyes. She has that look about her that makes you always want more. jojoskriver is her SnapChat username.

Gigi HadidGigi Hadid model on Snapchat

Gigi is an international beauty. On her feed, you’ll find out all about her and her life. Oh, you’ll also be treated to some quality videos and images too. You can find her by name or by topic.

Arianny Celeste Snapchat HottieArianny Celeste

She’s another fun loving beauty that has a lot of SnapChat activity. Find her by name under Arianny celeste or her username of ariannyceleste.

There’s my list of five of the hottest women to follow on SnapChat. I hope you like them. Look around, I’m sure you’ll find more beauties that you’ll want to follow.

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John “Big John” Johnson is a serial fun seeker, a lover of craft beer, and enjoys all things adult beverage related. A dedicated online marketer and SEO, he has been described as “Peter Pan with German Work Ethic”. John is also a sleight of hand magician with serious chops, enjoys riding Harleys, practicing martial arts and travel.

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