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The Rayban Aviator Classic RB3025 is Rayban’s original and most iconic sunglasses. The Rayban Aviators were launched in 1937 and quickly rose to fame over the years. The style of Rayban’s has evolved over the years but the Aviator Classic is one model that takes you back to the prime Rayban time of the 1930s. The RB3025’s frame material is made out of metal, whereas the frame color and temple color is gunmetal. The lens on the other hand is crystal green.

Features of the Aviator Sunglasses by Ray Ban

The Rayban Aviator Classic was initially launched for military usage and US Air Force Pilots to provide them with a better vision. The frame therefore is made out of sturdy construction material, is lightweight and long lasting. Other features of the Rayban Classic include:

  • 100 percent UV protected lenses
  • Comes with rubber nose pads
  • Weighs only 1.6 pounds
  • Natural vision sunglasses
  • Dimensions measure 6.7 x 2.9 x 1.8 inches

The Aviator Classic is manufactured in the United States and is available in different designs, colors and lenses.

The Rayban Aviator Classic sunglasses come with rubber nose pads that will let users wear them for long hours comfortably. Moreover, keeping the sunglasses on for a long time will not leave any marks on either sides of the nose. Moreover, the Rayban Classic provides an extremely clear vision, protection from sunlight and high comfort. On the contrary though, some people might find the Rayban Classic to be priced high.


The Aviator Classic Rayban RB 3025 is available for $145 and can be purchased online or from e-commerce sites such as Amazon. However, with Rayban’s, originality is most important and therefore, you must always be sure about where you are getting the product from.


The Rayban Classic Aviator’s have been around for decades and their popularity hasn’t dropped one bit. The glasses are still considered as a top fashion accessory. Aside from being a fashion accessory, the Rayban Classic provide clear vision and are comfortable to wear. Moreover, those who think that the price of the Rayban Classic is high should know that they definitely offer value for money and you’ll realize that they are worth every penny because they are very different in contrast to cheap and fake Rayban’s.

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