Lebo Art

One thing I’m really not into is art.  I’ll be honest, I’d rather hang up sports memorabilia in my house and home office instead of art.

But let’s face it, it’s classy, and it’s something that has to be appreciated.

Lebo Art

An artist I heard of through his brother, who is a very well known and amazingly candid and outgoing sports journalist, changed the way I look at art.  Since finding out about David Le Batard, I’ve bought many of his shirts and they ALWAYS get compliments and looks.   (Much like these Gucci shoes.)

David Le Batard Art & Apparel

David Le Batard is known in art circles as “Lebo.”  LeboArt.com is where you can find his AMAZING works.  Most of them depict Miami vibes, at least that’s my take.  A lot of emotion goes into his art, and to say it’s powerful and in your face is a huge understatement.  Lebo straight rocks his stuff and puts out some of the nicest images that I’ve seen.

Again, I’m not an art person.  I do appreciate awesome stuff, however.  Lebo has some amazing stuff.  I highly recommend you check it out.  I can’t put in words how drastically different his stuff is.  Living in Miami my entire adult life probably makes me appreciate it more than others, but I’m sure you’ll love what you see.

Stay tuned…..I’ll have photos of my recent order.

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