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I used to be the hugest fan of the Nike brand.  What is there not to like?  Everyone is doing it.  From Michael Jordan to LeBron James, it seems that every athlete with millions of dollars is getting an endorsement deal to promote and wear the Nike brand.

The Nike Dri Fit shirts were the first of their kind.  Literally, moisture gets absorbed into the shirt and it provides a very soft fit and great comfort – even in my sticky home State of Florida.

I’ll admit, I was a HUGE fan of these shirts.  I wore them all the time.  But then something epic happened and I stopped wearing these shirts.

I don't wear Nike Dri Fit

Why Nike Dri Fit Shirts Aren’t Getting a Review

I just can’t review these shirts, because a few years back, a brand that I am in LOVE with released clothing that is even more comfortable!

I also feel it’s more stylish. 

That brand, my friends, is Under Armour.  Check out my full Under Armour review and coupon database on this page.

You can uncover coupons for all of the latest releases by the brand as well as see what they are currently selling.  As a very frequent buyer of Under Armour products, you can see that I go the extra mile and post all of my latest purchases on that page.  (I wish they would release some new Project Rock stuff – that’s my favorite right now.)

Even some of my closest friends were shocked when I stopped wearing Nike Dri Fit clothing.  I was literally a brand ambassador for them, although I wasn’t paid to do that. 🙂

I had so much Nike that I really felt when I donated it that someone was getting some nice gear.  I mean, Nike is still a phenomenal brand, but for my money, as it is right now in 2016, I am a very loyal Under Armour customer.

Common Questions About Nike Shirts

Hey guys, I get a lot of mail from readers of my site.  Here are some of the common questions I’ve fielded about this brand.

Q:  Nike Dri Fit Shirt Reviews say that these are the best shirt.  Why do you like to wear Under Armour?

A:  It’s just a personal preference.  For me, Under Armour just fits better.  To each their own.  🙂



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