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On this page of my men’s products website, I’m going to do my best to show you EVERY pair of Ray Ban sunglasses that are available for sale. I’m stopping at nothing to show you each and very pair that I’ve personally bought (you’ll see photos), as well as ones I have my eye on.  I’m aiming to make this the number one place to find out about any type of Ray Ban you can buy.  Cheap, large, small, aviator, or flat out stylish.  Everyone wears these, from fighter pilots in Top Gun to every day Joe’s like me. They can be worn with athletic apparel, or they can be used as a great way to keep the sun out of your eyes when your styling in your Greg “The Shark” Norman golf clothing, or even give you that edge to go along with your Hugo Boss suit.

So however you intend on rocking your Ray Bans, please enjoy the reviews I’ve had such a good time compiling.

Reviews of Ran Ban Aviator Sunglasses

First, we’ll take a look at the Ray Ban Aviator Solid Gold.

The most classic Ray Bans

The Ray-Ban Aviator Solid Gold is based on the Classic Aviator design. It pushes forward the design and gives it a luxurious touch with pure 18K gold. The glasses hold polar, G-15 and neophan lenses. This limited edition is a thank you from Ray-Ban for making the Aviator Classic one of the best sun glasses in the entire world. This is a limited edition meant for collection or simply showing your loyalty to Ray-Ban. The 1200 only produced units have a special number unique to each glasses engraved at the inside of the temple. A hallmark engraving can also be seen on the inside of the left temple. Moreover, the Aviator Solid Gold comes complete with a leather case for protection and style. Inside the box of the glasses, you also get a unique authenticity certificate to show off.


  • Gold Frame
  • Gold Frame Color
  • Gold Temple Color
  • Polarized and polar neophan green lenses
  • Total UV protection

Pros and Cons

The Ray-Ban Aviator Solid Gold is as best as Aviator Classic can get. These limited edition glasses come with every bit of perfection that made the Aviator Classics such a huge success amongst the entire world. Made with 18K pure gold, the glasses exceed $3,000, making it impossible for everyone to get their hands on it. Furthermore, this limited edition pair of sun glasses is also very limited on stock, with only 1200 units ever produced.

The best bit about the glasses is that they are exactly the same as the Aviator Classics. Even with 18K gold used to produce it, the weight never seems to be uncomfortable when worn. Moreover, the glasses come with a luxurious leather case that doubles as a protector for your precious glasses.


If you have followed Ray-Ban for a long time, this is a great way to show your allegiance to the brand. These limited edition glasses are very hard to grab on and are in popular demand by brand loyalists. There are still some units left of the glasses but they only come through the official website or outlet of Ray-Ban. Furthermore, these are the perfect choice to wear on any occasion because they are tailored to work in low, medium and full light conditions with no color corrections. In simple words, you want experience any kind of shade when you wear these.

Next, we bring you the Ray-Ban Aviator TECH Review.

Ray-Ban Tech

The Ray-Ban Aviator Tech is work of a genius. The glasses have been produced with utmost care and unique material to offer you comfort like none other. The materials not only give you more than the maximum comfort you have come to love from Ray-Ban sun glasses, but they also provide you durability and an extremely low weight profile. The glasses are produced using carbon fiber and other light weight composite materials that weigh quite less than the other materials used to produce Ray-Ban glasses. With these glasses you also get a double brow bar, rubber padded tips for extreme comfort, slip etched out temples for amazing grip. They also have two lens options in crystal polarized or hydro-oleophobic coating for great protection. These are by default, prescription friendly too.


  • Polarized lens or hydro-oleophobic coating
  • Prescription friendly
  • Tear drop shape lens
  • Carbon fiber material
  • Black color
  • Double brow bar
  • Rubber pads
  • Etched out temples
  • Pilot shaped
  • 58mm bridge
  • 140mm temple length

Pros and Cons

The Ray-Ban Aviator Tech is a great piece of technology. These are created with the perfect materials for extreme durability and comfort. Unlike any other Ray-Ban sun glasses, these have a unique profile of their own. They hold the same style and profile of the classic Aviator but increases on certain elements to give you more control. They also feature the unique Neophan Green lenses that tend to offer maximum comfort, protection and clarity. These lens offer natural vision when worn but also enhances the contrast of the colors of the environment, giving you subtle feeling even when in very high light conditions. The lens is remarkable for use in low, medium and high light situations. Furthermore, these are prescription friendly, so hop on and take them anywhere you want to without the worry of not getting what you need out of them.

The only drawback of the Ray-Ban Aviator Tech is that these are slightly more expensive than the rest of the Aviator glasses. This is understandable because the build material is completely different from the rest of the glasses that use metal as their main material. So if you like extreme comfort and light weight glasses profile and don’t mind paying a bit more than the usual amount, you are in for a big surprise. The TECH are definitely recommended.

Ray-Ban Aviator FLASH LENSES Review

These are perhaps the most trendy sunglasses among the younger crowd.  Have a look at the many varieties you’ll come across in this label.

Flash Lense Ray Bans

The Ray-Ban Aviator Flash Lenses reinvent the concept of sunglasses with outstanding new design with reduced glare. The Aviator flash lenses come in a variety of different colors in an unique tear drop form factor to give you a new personality. It ensures the design is perfect by teaming it up with flash lenses that gives you more than a typical pair of sun glasses. The flash lenses, by default, contain super heated metal oxides that give a unique reflective mirror coating that not only absorbs more light but also produces an extremely effective anti glare profile. Moreover, the glasses use multiple layers of metal oxides that give you a unique multi-color effect when worn.


  • 25 lens width
  • 2 lens height
  • Adjustable bridge
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Lens with Shatterproof Polycarbonate technology
  • Rubber coated for extra comfort
  • UV400 protection with multiple metal oxide coating
  • Adjustable nose and ear pieces for the right fit
  • Money back guarantee

Ray-Ban Aviator Flash Lenses are produced in USA with strict quality standards. These are available in Gold temple and frame colors and Green, multi, and blue lens colors.

Pros and Cons

The Ray-Ban Aviator Flash Lenses are extremely comfortable to wear if you have the right head. In some cases, we experienced that the frame had to be adjusted multiple times to get the best comfort possible out of these. If you have a very large head, these might not be as comfortable as they sound.

The glasses are extremely sturdy thanks to Shatterproof Polycarbonate lens and a stainless frame. We tested its durability by dropping the glasses from 4 feet above ground without damaging its lens or the frame itself. Furthermore, if the glasses do get damaged, they are easily fixed using simple tools such as pliers.


Ray-Ban Aviator Flash Lenses are extremely good for people who demand style and performance. These sturdy sun glasses with their metal frame and shatterproof lens make sure you always wear and carry them with confidence. The multiple metal oxides give you a unique look with multiple colors on the lens. Moreoever, the fact that they come with UV400 protection is enough to consider getting them if you are out and about in the sun at all times. These are highly recommended if you want comfort and performance within a single pair of glasses.

Here is a first hand look at a lot of the Ray Bans that I currently own:


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Of course, you’ll get a lot of comments when you wear the denim ones!

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These ones are pretty much for every day use:

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