Louis Vuitton Men’s Shoes

I decided to cave in and buy Louis Vuitton men’s shoes, much to the dismay of my crew of friends I grew up with in Minnesota.  They make fun of me whenever I wear designer brands, from Gucci to Ferragamo, and even Hugo Boss, but honestly, those guys can continue to live in the past and wear out of style clothes.  On the East Coast, especially here in South Florida, you have to be into your fashion.

Yes, the brand is polarizing.  But it has some items that are very fashionable to go with the ones that are extremely ridiculous.  Today I’ll be focusing on some shoe purchases I’ve made over time, so please enjoy!

Men’s Louis Vuitton Shoe Collections

While I obviously can’t afford to buy all of them, I’m going to post some samples of some of the kicks I have bought over the years from LV.

Frontrow Sneaker by Louis Vuitton

front row mens sneaker

While you can usually find these brands at Neiman Marcus, you can also shop direct with the company, and also use third party sites that specialize in selling out of season designer brands.

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