Startup Drugz Shirts

You all know I love buying funny t shirts and the such.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know I have a closet full of shirts with dumb sayings.  Like “Zero Fucks Given” and stuff like that.

Well, this time I’m raving about a company that has awesome shirts that motivate, sort of like Miami’s Dyme Lyfe.

Where to Get Them:

Grind 24-7 T Shirt

Speaking at the 1,200 seat sold out OMG Live – in my Startup Drugs “Grind 24/7/365” shirt.

Shirts by Startup Drugz

So today I present you the business side of me.  This is the side that likes to grind.  Hence, why I love these shirts!

Startup Drugz Shirts

Here’s my first purchase.

StartupDrugs Shirts

I rocked the “Grind” shirt in Orlando, Florida at a speaking event on Affiliate Marketing for a group of SEO’s and Internet Marketers.  I got so many compliments that it was absurd!  These shirts are really soft, American Apparel style, and fit well.  They have a lot they offer online, much more than the three I made on my first purchase, so check them out!

Buy Startup Drugz Shirts

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Lewis Gordon is a successful businessman living in Boston, Massachusetts. When he’s not working, he enjoys travelling – especially tasting other cuisines, scuba diving, watching and playing soccer. Lewis also has a love of dogs and is the proud owner of an English Setter.

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