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Who doesn’t love the movie Slap Shot, right?

It’s literally one of the best hockey movies of all time, and it’s filled with so many interesting characters and amazing players that it’ll leave you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire film.  Of course, the Hansen Brothers steal the show in this all time epic film, and it’s no surprise that their jersey’s remain the most famous from the movie.  However, I’ve found a site so packed with nostalgia, that you can buy ANY player’s jersey from this iconic film.

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They have the best selection of anything and everything a man (or woman) could want from the famous hockey movie that has made it decades and never fallen from popularity among hockey players.

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Slap Shot the Movie Hockey Jerseys

If you love Slap Shot hockey jerseys then you’re definitely in the right place. Not only does the Mad Bros website have some of the best movie hockey jerseys available today, they also have jerseys from all of your other favorite movies as well. So you’ll never run out of awesome jersey ideas, because you just have to look through the site and take a gander at all of the phenomenal options that are readily available to buy.

And the best part? You’ll be the envy of your friends and family the next time you show up to an event wearing your favorite Slap Shot hockey jerseys. If anything, your friends that love hockey movies will get a kick out of it no matter what.

With that said, I’d like to share the names of some of the awesome hockey jerseys that are currently available on this site. If you’re interested, click over to the website and feel free to place an order.

SlapShot Bulldogs Hockey Jerseys

As you can see, the good people at Mad Bros really love this movie and they have tons of awesome jersey options for you to choose. Some of our favorite Slap Shot choices are:

  • #2 OGILTHORPE (Ogie)
  • #7 SWAMPTOWN (Screaming Buffalo)
  • #8 MADISON (Mad Dog)
  • #9 “C” DR.HOOK
  • #9 “C” McCRACKEN
  • #15 TUTTLE (Gilmore)
  • #16 LUSSIER
  • #16 POODLE

And we’re just getting started.

Slap Shot Chiefs Home & Away Jerseys

  • #1 LEMIEUX (Denis)
  • #2 WANCHUK (Morris)
  • #3 CARLSON (Dave)
  • #3 KILLER (Dave Carlson)
  • #5 CHARLEBOIS (Billy)
  • #6 *A* AHERN (Jim)
  • #7 DUNLOP (Reggie)
  • #8 BERGERON (Andre)
  • #10 BRADEN (Ned)
  • #12 *C* UPTON (Johnny)
  • #14 *A* DROUIN (Jean-Guy)
  • #16 HANSON (Jack)
  • #17 HANSON (steve)
  • #18 HANSON (Jeff)
  • #31 LEBRUN (Yvon – 2nd goalie)

You can also score some vintage Mighty Ducks Jerseys!

  • #96 *C* CONWAY
  • #4 AVERMAN
  • #33 GOLDBERG
  • #44 REED
  • #99 BANKS

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg my friends. If you want to find incredible hockey jerseys from your favorite movies, the best way to do so is to go directly to the Mad Bros website and take a look around. There are way more options than I can fit in this short review, so scroll through all the choices and pick your favorite.

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