Los Angeles Kings “Eazy E” Style Hat

Back in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, these style of hats were VERY popular, at least in the area I grew up in back in the St. Paul, Minnesota suburbs.

Just Like Eazy E and NWA Wore – LA Kings Cursive Hat

This hat I owned about 27 years ago, which seems like eternity.  As a big fan of throwback merchandise like NFL and NBA uniforms, this was a great buy.  Purchased on eBay (of course, where I get all my old school apparel) this was a gem of a find.  I’m happy to have found it, and vow to take care of it!

Here’s a pic of the hat.  You can see a lot of people selling it as a “Straight outta Compton” hat because in that era, many of the members sported this hat.

pic of LA kings hat

Tim rocks the LA Kings Hat.

eazy e la kings hat pic

Eazy E rocks the LA Kings hat.

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