nude butt of Candice PattonIf you’re a fan of naked female bodies, raise your hand. Lots of raised hands. That’s what I figured. Guys being guys, we like to look at attractive women. In fact, we love to see hot women in as little clothing as possible. Being naturally curious, we are especially interested in seeing beautiful famous women without their clothes on. Which brings me to Candice Patton. I imagine just about any guy would want to see Candice Patton nude.

I think Candice Patton looks great and is in fantastic shape. I don’t know where she worked before she started appearing in televisions shows. She doesn’t seem to be the Hooter’s type though! I was trying to be funny. Nothing against Hooter’s or the Hooter’s girls. I like the place and the girls that work there are pretty and nice. Clink on the following link if  you’re curious about celebrities that actually did work at Hooter’s.

Who is Candice Patton?

almost topless nude candice patton in braWait, you don’t know who Candice Patton is? You are missing out, that’s for sure. Time to catch up. Candice was first seen on TV in The Young and the Restless which is a daytime soap opera show. Episodic television is where she kept popping up the most. She also appeared in an episode of another daytime soap called The Bold and the Beautiful.

Night time shows found out about her and she got busier and busier. She appeared in Entourage, Castle, Heroes, One Tree Hill, Grey’s Anatomy, CSI: Miami, The Game and more. She’s currently a regular on The CW show The Flash. She has a starring role playing the character Iris West.

You may have caught her in a film too. She appeared in Commander and Chief and was also in The Guest.

Are there Nude Pictures of Actress Candice Patton?Sexy Candice Patton lifting her gown

I searched and searched for nude pictures of Candice Patton and I could not find any. I did find some sexy photos of her. She is one of the hottest women that many of us have seen on TV right now. It looks like she has never posed for any nude photos. Hopefully, she’ll change her mind. The sooner the better, right?

Oh if you’re wondering, she is not Paula Patton’s sister. Many think that she is and they certainly are both beautiful, but they are not sisters.

Some Personal Info About Candice Patton

actress Candice Patton pretty bikiniHere’s some info about Candice Patton that you might like to know.
She was born in Jackson, MS but raised in Plano, TX.
She was born on June 24 in 1988.
She has a lean athletic figure that measures 35-24-34 inches.
She is African American on her mother’s side. Her Dad is European American.
In 2015, she was listed in the Maxim Hot 100.

Even though I couldn’t find any nude pictures of Candice Patton, I did find some shots of her that I think are pretty classy. I’m hopeful that you enjoy these hot and sexy pics.

naked lips of Candice Patton ready for a kisshot and fit Candice Patton nude absActress Candice Patton showing naked cleavage in an evening gown

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