Attention males seeking females!  If you haven’t read by now, has been seized by the authorities on allegations of human trafficking.  While this may not sound like news to many of you, there are certainly some of you who are shocked and apalled by this event.  For those not in the know, Backpage has been a hot bed for finding escorts, erotic massages, and even houses of ill repute over the years.  For those who men who hobby in such trades, my condolences.  Sex – and in specific, prostitution, is the oldest profession in the book other than gambling.  It will continue, you just need to know where to look.

Sex Trafficking on Backpage

Backpage was shut down in a sex trafficking probe.

Alternative Websites to BackPage

Assuming you men are looking for women, (and let’s face it, if we are straight, we usually are) there are many places you can suit your deviant desires to tickle your fancy.  There is no shortage of places where you can find sexual partners.

In the past, I put up this contribution to the website, and today I’ll elaborate on why it’s a good thing for you guys to check out – The Five Best Adult Dating Sites & Apps Where Hook Ups Occur.

You see, there do exist websites where women sign up to simply meet men for sexual encounters.  If you don’t believe me, join up at  You’ll have messages to you within days if you set up your profile properly.  These types of websites are becoming popular, much like Tinder and Bumble rose up in the swipe app era.  Check them out, you will be pleasantly surprised.

While I may be biased, being a serial blogger and dater, I’m sticking to my guns and using those sites.  However, it’s worth sharing a blog post I read on IncredibleLab that highlighted 9 other alternatives to Backpage.

9 Sites Like


The first one we all know about, it’s no secret.  They have classified ads and personal encounters groups alike.  You may find some weirdos, however.

#2:  Kijiji

I hadn’t heard of this website, which apparently is popular among Canadians.  It’s a classified site that allows people to post things – anything.  Hockey, beer, and sex, anyone?

#3:  OLX

Yet another one I hadn’t heard of before.  People can buy, sell, and apparently offer themselves up for dating.  I’m definitely going to dig into this one.

#4:  GEEBO

Once again, I’m shocked that this one is suggested, as I hadn’t heard about it prior.  Another classified type site with a large personals section.

#5:  LocalFind

I’d heard of this one.  It’s a small site, but some people swear by it and cite that it has a loyal following, making the people much more sincere in their desires.

#6:  ClassifiedAds

Looks just like Craigslist.  Big classified site where you can find anything.

#7:  KRRB

This one claims 175,000 users.  I haven’t checked it out yet, but apparently it’s growing.

#8:  Plenty of Fish

You’ve most likely heard of this one.  It’s massive, and many people use it.  I didn’t have a ton of success on it, but hey, maybe you will.

#9:  Adult Friend Finder

Finally, the article references a site that I can vibe with.  Adult friend finder, or “AFF” as people call it commonly, is another adult dating themed site.  Hook ups, galore.

Of course, here is my personal list of meet and fuck sites.  Feel free to enjoy it, pass it along, and get busy.


Tom Savage is a serial dater living in Miami Beach, Florida. In his own words he is "part day trader, part pick up artist, part journalist." His content is a special guest contribution exclusive to TMB.

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