Shelving The Bling For A Designer Wood Watch

Designer Wood Watches

If we’re honest buying stuff like a designer watches makes us feel good. Granted we aren’t programmed to shop the same as the ladies, but still, if we feel down or bored it’s always good to indulge in some retail therapy right?

The main difference is the stuff we want to look at and buy. The boys like to look at shiny things that usually need batteries or some power supply. I’m talking watches, gadgets, and power tools, dude.

In my view, there’s nothing like buying a shiny new piece of kit that you don’t really need.

Last week I found myself eyeing up a fancy power supply extension cable with multi-sockets and individual rocker switches to save power and give more control. It was more expensive than all the others but it was the coolest piece of kit. Did I need it? Hell no! Did I want it? Hell yes!

Walk Away.

I’ve had this feeling before but had to walk away. Something I always found myself lusting after and dreaming of owning is a particular luxury watch. I know they’re all out of my reach right now but dreaming is free right? How many times have I seen a Breitling SuperOcean 44 in blue and promised myself ‘one day’ I will have you!


Until the day I can afford my Breitling there are other options open to me. I have a taste for all types of watches and they don’t have to have a designer watch brand, just a trusted brand that I understand and know won’t let me down.

But this aside, I came across something that knocked me sideways and really caught my imagination.

I found the designer wood watches of Garwood and it felt like I just found something really new and exciting. You may think it’s a big jump from Breitling to wooden watches but the jump is more a change in attitude. The product is aimed at the young at heart, stylish, outgoing, and eco-aware. It really is something that’s designed to be inclusive and democratic with every watch provoking conversation.

Designer wood watches at affordable prices

I really like that Garwood embraced the use of wood, how they accepted its form and designed and crafted a case from solid wood. Unlike other so called wood watches which are really wood trimmed watches. The Garwood collection is all handcrafted solid wood cases.

It’s this giving them the distinct boldness that stands out and makes a statement about the wearer. So too is the design of the colour schemes that take a bold and aggressive design and filters it down giving a subtlety that’s unexpected.

All this comes together to make a genuine wood watch suitable for casual wear as well as an accessory to a tailored suit. But wait, you haven’t heard the best part yet. The whole collection is so well priced at around $160 you could easily collect every model if that way inclined and still have change left over for the bus ride home.



The Take Away.

Now I’m asking if the designer wood watch has distracted me from my first love, or cured me of my minor bling obsession of the high-end luxury watch? The final analysis will be the day I can afford my SuperOcean and turn up at the store asking try the piece on. Will I still feel the rush or will I feel it’s all a bit too over the top?

Learn more about the Garwood collection at

What do you think of the Garwood collection, is it forward thinking and emotive, or are you underwhelmed by it all? Whatever you think, I’d love to hear what your thoughts are and encourage you to visit and leave me your comments and suggestions. If you like my site please give it the thumbs up by sharing it with your friends, and giving it a ‘like’.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and I hope you enjoyed it.

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