Bell & Ross 46 MM Black Dial Stainless Steel

I’ve always been a huge fan of Bell & Ross aviation watches.  I’d never owned one until recently.

Perusing eBay like a hawk one day, I found one that I really liked.  I like big faces on my watches, which is why I used to buy TW Steel Watches.  However, I found them to be very cheaply made and have a drawer full of non working TW Steel watches.  Mostly they were ruined while being exposed to water.  One turned all foggy after being in a hot tub in a cabana at the Wynn in Las Vegas and was completely ruined.

Bell & Ross Black Dial Watch

So I started looking for a new brand of watches to wear every day, as it’s hard to wear a Rolex (like Brandons) every day as it can get beat up.  Although it does look great.

So I turned my eyes to Bell & Ross.  This one in particular that I photographed below.

Bell & Ross 46 MM Black Dial Watch Unboxing

In that video I unbox the watch.  Honestly, I haven’t seen that much attention to detail in packaging in a long time.  Certainly made me feel like I made a good purchase when I unwrapped that watch.  What a presentation!

Here are a few more photos of the product packaging.  As far as the watch, I’ll have to update the review with videos of it in action.


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