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I’ve always enjoyed playing video games.  Although I barely play these days (other than my home edition of Golden Tee Golf, of course) because I’m nearing forty, have a social life, and more importantly, put family and work ahead of time spent in front of the television, I always enjoy a chance to reminisce about the past when I had all the time on earth to play video games on systems like Nintendo, Atari, Sega Genesis, and Playstation.

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This is a product which will be loved by all Nintendo enthusiasts and it makes a great present if you have a boyfriend, friend or brother which likes the classic eight bit Nintendo system or in particularly, Duck Hunt, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, or Super Mario Brothers. This sort of merchandise is really appreciated by boys and girls who have grown up playing certain video games because it helps them incorporate those memories into everyday use such as drinking in a flask like this.  Well, maybe you shouldn’t drink every day, but this makes an insane flask to bring to tailgates.

Nintendo drinking flask reviews

Nintendo: Now your drinking with POWER.

The Nintendo Parody Drinking Flasks – How Funny are These?

The flask is pretty durable and there is no chance of it breaking if you let it fall but it does need to be kept upright because it has shown a certain tendency towards leakage although they happens rarely. The cap is plastic and can be screwed on tightly to prevent this from happening. The logos and labels are really funny and because of the design of the flask (it looks like a gaming cartridge) you will draw a lot of attention in public.

I went ahead and bought the knock off versions of some old classics I used to play when I was about eight years old until probably 13, back when Sega Genesis came out.

The ones I bought were “Drunk Hunt,” “Super Bar Hop Bros,” and “Spike Dyson’s Drunk Out.”  Seriously, this had to be fun coming up with all the names for these games.

The plastic used is polymer which is food grade so it is also safe for young kids. There is no maintenance required you can simply wash with gentle soap and you are good to go. It is for $24.93 on Amazon which is perhaps the cheapest price you can get this product for at least if you are buying it online.

These “toys” are for grown adults only over 21 years of age!

Where to Buy The Nintendo Replica Flasks Online

There are a number of different variations of these flasks, all spoofing the titles of old Nintendo 8 bit video games.  Below I’ve provided links to every type of flask you can buy.  (All are for sale on, which is where I found the best price.)

Drunk Hunt – a Spoof of the “Duck Hunt” game. 

Click here to Buy the Drunk Hunt Flask.

FineAleFantasy – a Spoof of “Final Fantasy.” 

Click here for the Fine Ale Fantasy Flask.

Kega Man – which Spoofs the “Mega Man” series of video games.

Click here to buy Kega Man.

Legend of Drink spoofs “Link,” an offshoot of the Legend of Zelda video game series.

Buy Legend of Drink on Amazon.

Super Bar Hop Bro’s is an obvious spoof of Super Mario Bro’s. 

Buy Super Bar Hop Bro’s Here.

Castle Vodka is a spoof of Castlevania

Buy Castle Vodka on Amazon here.

Metal Beer is mocking “Metal Gear.”

Buy Metal Beer Nintendo Flask here.

Ninja Dry Gin – Spoofs “Ninja Gaiden”

Buy it here.

“Pass Out” Spoofing Mike Tyson’s Punch Out – (My Favorite name)

Buy Pass Out Here.

Tetriquila – Spoofs “Tetris” – the highly addictive game of puzzles. 

Buy Tetriquila Here.

After some further research, I found the team from Ink Whiskey were an absolute HIT at Comic Con. Check out this great interview with the inventor of this product. He shares the back story of how they came up with this novel idea as well as how he named the “video game flasks.”

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