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Jacob Bromwell Great American Flask coupon code copper cupThe Jacob Bromwell company began in 1819 and for nearly two centuries they have been providing Americans with evocative items of nostalgic beauty and familiar, heritage design. People often turn to this company when they want something for a man; a gift that has the masculine feel we so appreciate in place of socks or tie pins (attention wives and girlfriends!).

Here are just some ideas from Jacob Bromwell. If your guy or buddy enjoys reading about Civil War History and loves a good chin wag about all things relating to America’s earliest days, especially over an open fire, then you will love Jacob Bromwell – where you’ll never hear the words “mass production” uttered together when it comes to these products.

Jacob Bromwell: A Bit of American History

The firm itself is a bit of US history. Its factory in Greensburg, Indiana, became part of the National Register of Historic Places more than three decades ago. You can see some of the original machinery on display in a museum of US history in Indianapolis and other museums around the United States. Kitchen appliances did not run on electricity and today’s items are made the same way: without wires, circuits, or fuses. None of their manufacturing is outsourced. They remain an American company through and through, ideal for the patriotic man who cares about such things and also covets an accurately-made but historic-looking acquisition.

In fact, according to their blog, numerous Jacob Bromwell pieces have been used in the movies, and they’re pretty sure they noticed the flasks in the recent blockbuster and Academy Award winning film, The Revenant.

New items authentically adopt old styles to create visually interesting but also practical and functional pieces. For starters, check out this video narrated by Liam Tower. Liam is the head coppersmith at Jacob Bromwell, who explains the process and reason behind everything they do. Once you watch this, you’ll want one of these heirloom products for sure! Continue below the video for our top picks!

Jacob Bromwell’s Famous Flasks

This Ethan Allen Flask by Jacob Bromwell is truly amazing!

Click to see the Ethan Allen Flask!

A Jacob Bromwell flask is a work of art and no ordinary gift. This is a luxury item fit for the boss, your buddy who’s getting married (or the groomsmen), or a beloved brother, cousin, uncle, or grandpa. Giving a gift like this says you know a guy well, including how much he appreciates a classy item to contain his aged whiskey from a bottle another thoughtful person bought to go with the flask.

For example, the exceptional Ethan Allen Flask is like no other we’ve seen. It’s a perfect gift for an American history buff, or for someone who appreciates a high level of craftsmanship. This can also be the best gift for “the guy who has absolutely everything else.” This handmade copper flask comes with a copper chain (detachable), a couple of “Old West Shot Glasses,” and a remarkably beautiful leather case (with a strap).

But there are other equally handsome flasks, including several limited editions that are released on occasion. Once these are gone – *poof* – they’re gone. So, the flask collection includes not only the ones that Jacob Bromwell has always been known for (e.g. “The Great American Flask”), numerous others. And for the discerning collector of limited editions, the collection is second to none.

Of course there is the traditional and perennial favorite, the original Great American Flask: copper, with a nice birch wood stopper.

As you’ll discover, it doesn’t end there – the selection continues with some more modern, urban and hip looking flasks (like the wedge-shaped California Flask), Kentucky Round Flask, and even a green patina finish on the Liberty Flask (Jacob Bromwell says that the copper has been aging for 30 years at their facility, so it’s a nice, true patina.).

Get a Closer Look at These Flasks:

Jacob Bromwell Flasks–> Great American Flask

–> Vermonter Flask (#1 Best Seller)

–> Kentucky Round Flask

–> Liberty Flask

–> See the Entire Jacob Bromwell Flask Collection Here.

If you want to see something REALLY top of the line – like the Ethan Allen Edition Flask we just discussed – you’ll love this. The collection contains a few others limited to about 25 in a run. As of this writing and update in May 2018, a few VERY limited ones include the “Emerald Edition Flask” or “Jade Splash Edition” that probably takes the ultimate prize with their $1,000 price tags. You really do have to see these to appreciate them.

Check Out the Special Limited Editions Here

And a Sleek Martini Glass to Go With It

Go beyond the ordinary with a martini glass made from copper; nothing even close to the sort of ordinary martini glass found on shelves on the average bar. This one adopts that distinctive shape, so it’s not for cognac or whiskey theoretically, although a man can drink from whatever glass he wants if he pours out his own liquor from his own flask. America is a free country after all. Keep your drink cool, especially with the long stem that diverts the heat of your hand away from your favorite martini mix or whatever you’re drinking.

Check out this Amazing Copper Martini Glass from Jacob Bromwell!

Get the Glass –> Iconic Martini Glass – $199.99
from: Jacob Bromwell

Since the early days of hand-hammered flasks, the company has expanded its barware and drinkware to accommodate modern tastes. Back in the 1800s, you weren’t going to see a Thermos to keep your coffee hot or cold beverages cold like we have today, but you can now own a copper (and lead-free) to-go cup that we can pretty much guarantee you won’t be seeing on a shelf at the local coffee shop!

Other great items in this category can really round out the man cave, from coasters to ash trays, to cigar holders to spice jars to ice buckets and more.

Shop ALL the Jacob Bromwell Barware & Drinkware Here.

For the Kitchen

From farmhouse to modern home, the Jacob Bromwell line has been stocking kitchens with gadgets these past two centuries to the tune of millions of items. If you’ve never roasted chestnuts over an open fire, you need nothing more than their old-fashioned chestnut roaster. Or, let’s say you have a hankering to bake potatoes over coals or stovetop. Their Old Fashioned Potato Baker fits the bill perfectly!

Other high quality and authentic items complement your kitchen collection. Another such piece is the Healthy Jacob Bromwell Popcorn Popper that doesn’t rely on oil.

All you need is heat and then, if butter is calling your name, go ahead and indulge. Start with an open fire or move to the kitchen stove if you don’t have the luxury of a fireplace.

Choose this much-imitated design with its 3.5-qt capacity made from authentic steel or tin (Jacob Bromwell only uses authentic materials and are the oldest manufacturer of tin and stainless steel). Although a newly made item, why not start a family tradition using authentic pieces of American heritage now!

Holes let out steam so you get fast popping without soggy pieces. Since you don’t need electricity, this is great for camping, and the wood handle keeps your hands away from the heat. Jacob Bromwell guarantees their kitchenware for life, including this award-winner.

LOVE these old fashioned Jacob Bromwell Popcorn Poppers!

Get It –> Original Popcorn Popper

The Quintessential Tin Cup

Another popular gift is the Classic Jacob Bromwell Tin Cup, and it’s available in three variations, starting with this $125 product that captures a bit of US history. When first designed in 1819 with no soldered, welded, or riveted parts the country was young. Feel like not just a historian but a piece of history; someone creating a piece of authentic Americana for your son to look after and to hand down to your grandson. Select plain (unstamped), stamped with “U.S.,” or stamped “C.S.” for “Confederate States Army.”

Jacob Bromwell is famous for their Authentic Tin Cups like this one

Get It –> Classic Jacob Bromwell Tin Cup

They Even Have a Copper Pen

Imagine writing a letter using an implement in the style held by an Admiral. That’s how it will feel to hold the classic Admiral’s Copper Pen, a handmade labor of love. It features accents in brass and will last a lifetime.

Get It –> Classic Admiral’s Copper Pen

Money Clip 

While money crosses banking channels through wires and internet connections and cash (for some people) is virtually obsolete, that’s never the case for a history buff. The Lexington Money Clip will transport you to another time when men carried real cash in their pockets. They probably often carried it next to their guns so thieves knew a guy wasn’t to be messed with. This sweet gem is a limited edition item crafted from copper.

Get It –> Lexington Money Clip

Jacob Bromwell has so much more

Seriously, there is so much to choose from at Jacob Bromwell. There are so many reasons why we like this company – and we think you will too. So, go ahead and get yourself (or one of your buddies) some authentic Americana. You won’t be sorry!

QUICK UPDATE: Hey guys – Just noticed that the company is offering 10% off ALL ORDERS with a Jacob Bromwell coupon code! Just copy and click the code –> JB10 and save! ALSO, if you haven’t signed up for their newsletter, get a $10 discount here.

Shop Now –> www.jacobbromwell.com


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