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Like I talk about in my review of watches, I like to do all of my watch purchasing online, but only after I take a look at it at a physical store first. There’s something about a watch, at least to me, that I need to see first-hand before I make the purchase. I need to see how it feels on my wrist, how durable it is and how quality the craftsmanship is, stuff like that. And a watch can be a big investment, so it’s not something I’m just going to blindly purchase without taking a look at it first.

But after I’ve checked out watches at the mall specialty shop, I go online to see if I can find a better deal. is one such place where I’ve been able to score some great bargains on  some amazing watches.

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One thing I like about Jomashop, just like I do with Ashford, is the wide selection of watches that they carry. Jomashop has an even bigger catalog, with a lot more of the higher end, luxury watches that you won’t find elsewhere in an online watch outlet. Want to buy a nice Rolex? Yeah, they carry them here. They have tons of different Rolexes to buy and the prices are better than you’ll find elsewhere (of course, you’re buying a Rolex so you’re going to be spending a lot of money regardless, but less than you would at another place).

Outside of carrying all kinds of brands, they also have a ton of different styles to choose from. They have really unique stuff like wooden watches that we talk about elsewhere on this site.

How do they do it at Jomashop? Well, they’ve been doing it for a long time and been doing it very well. They started in 1987 and have been selling luxury goods like watches, writing instruments, handbags, fashion accessories and other gift items successfully since then. After 30 years of being business, they’ve developed great relationships with their suppliers and with the bulk purchases they make, they’re able to get all their products at a great price and pass these savings on to their customers.

Another thing I like about Jomashop is their authentication guarantee. Here’s what to expect when you get from the products there:

  • They’re brand new, first quality, with all original parts and authentic
  • They will have the original manufacturer’s serial numbers intact
  • They are not refurbished, factory seconds, or replica products
  • All come with a 1 to 5 year warranty program

When you shop there, you know you’re getting the real deal and not some cheap knock-off.

On top of all that, they have a coupons page on their site where you can always find some great deals. Sometimes it gets you a free add-on product with your purchase, other times it’s good for a percentage off your order. Savings on top of already low prices. Can’t beat that!

If you’re looking a quality watch at a great price, visit and start shopping!

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