The Hison Jet Surfboard

Are you looking for a new fun toy? Here is a pretty sweet concept! Check this out… After boats, cars, and jet skis, the Hison Jet Surfboard could be your next big thing.

Seriously, think about it. From the time we’re teenager to retirement, a lot of us love the surf; we just need to be around water, preferably in a motorized machine, and even more fun, fast machine. Now, if you know me – and a lot of you do – you know that I’ve loved cars throughout my life, and still do.

Guys like me seem to love horsepower; the speed, the sound of the motor. Jet-powered surfing combines two loves in one form without the hassle, expense, and inconvenience of a larger vessel. You can still strap one of these to the rack on your car and head for the ocean. Drop this bad boy into the waves without needing a boat launch.

Hison Jet Ski - Jet Powered SurfboardThis concept has me tempted to try surfing.

Let’s look at this cool invention more closely. One of the first ones out there is the Hison Jet Ski (or surfboard – whatever you want to call it), which you see illustrated here to the left (click here or on the image to go to the product page for more info).

Speed over the Surf

Surfboarders move very quickly over the waves when they get going, but there is that lull they have to endure while waiting for a big wave to take them up. Watch videos of jet boarders (there’s one just below showing you the new extreme sport involving these boards) These athletes don’t wait for a wave but stand up on their boards and turn on a small engine to gain speed and master the water instead of letting it master them. Activity is almost instant.

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Obviously I’m exaggerating a little bit. Mother Nature’s oceans will always be masterful and remain dangerous and unpredictable places to experiment with any kind of man-made contraption, large or small. Even a boat can be knocked over, and a jet boarder is just as vulnerable, especially if he becomes cocky. The advantage to a motorized version of the surfboard, however, is the additional control a rider has to get out of a situation without relying on his arms to paddle him and he can operate his device effectively closer to the shore. Here’s the vid of jet boards being used in Hawaii (the article continues below):

Motorized Method

A powered surfboard is controlled using a tall stick which connects to an engine. The 25-horsepower, 4-stroke engine like you see on the Hison Jet Surfboard means we can get to 30 or more knots if we stay in control of the device and look after the motor. Obviously more if you go with the “Extreme” version pictured below to the right (more specs on the product page – click here or on the image to visit – and, as of this writing, the price went down to $11,179.99 for the Extreme – they must have literally lowered the price today after I loaded the photo).

Watching the Sport

Participating is better than watching, but one of the many thrills of pursuing any sport is knowing that an audience is watching. Surfing is an exciting pastime to view, especially in a tropical environment. Not all surfing locations are warm — take the west coast of Vancouver Island for instance. Beaches there are mere fringes along the edge of a temperate rainforest and the average summer temperature doesn’t usually rise over 77 degrees or so. Combine wind, rain, and surf and it takes a hardy fan to stand around watching surfers who, by contrast, are warmed by their special suits and the adrenaline coursing through their blood.

Same thing in New England!

Still, wherever you follow water sports, jet surfboarding will offer many of the same thrills as surfing does, but with a few additional opportunities. Watch boarders compete with each other around and over obstacles set up with buoys at the water’s edge. Follow synchronized jet surfboarding undertaken by experts with excellent timing. It won’t be as noisy as, say, jet skiing around the same obstacles.Extreme Hison Jet Surfboard - Fastest Board

Watch Online

Avoid the cold of a beachside view in the Northern Pacific. Enjoy a seaside spectacle without paying the price of an airline ticket. Jet surfing has made its way to the internet. There are lots of fun videos demonstrating what a person can do without these motorized boards and promoting products to would-be enthusiasts. More are being added regularly as the sport catches on and gives birth to enthusiasts.

Beautiful Gifts

Parents, are you worried about what sort of gift to give your son for graduation this year to satisfy his yearning for speed? When he graduates, don’t give him a powerful car; present him with this board. There are beautiful styles emerging plus clothing and accessories to go with it. This is a chance to spark a love of sport which keeps him focused and away from bad influences. Who has time to do drugs or drink booze when he’s busy practicing on his jet surfboard? This gift, by the way, is considerably less expensive than a vehicle at roughly $6,000, with used ones sure to be available after the sport has caught on; maybe within the year. It’s also cheaper than speeding fines or lawyer’s fees.

Here is a getaway we found that we like the looks of:

$279.00 (plus $6.49 shipping): Extreme Jet Surf Experience for Two- Culture and Adventure Experience in Mexico – Tinggly Voucher / Gift Card in a Gift Box –> Get it HERE at Amazon


Possible Future

No parent wants his or her child to be a surf bum the rest of his life. There is opportunity in this new business, however, to make money out of boarding. Learn about jet surfing by trying it out. Become fluent in the language of jet-powered surfing, confident in your understanding of how these machines are made, and perfect your spin on why customers will love it. This could be the start of a new business interest. Students of advertising and marketing should also consider their job opportunities for the future with this new and exciting sport and associated products.

Cheaper Experience

Treat your son to a jet-powered surfing experience without buying the board to say “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Graduation.” It is considerably less expensive but a lot of fun. This experience, hosted in one of many possible countries around the world, could whet his appetite for more.


If you imagine that surfboarding with an engine requires very little energy or exertion, think again. You are still at the mercy of waves and the unpredictable currents underneath you. Participants must engage their core muscles to stay upright and balanced, engage large leg and buttock muscles to support the core, and use their arms to adjust the stick. Your whole body gets a workout but abs and quads will feel it most. That’s a lot more active and effective than jet skiing, quieter, and less expensive.

Plus, you can’t prop your jet ski on top of a regular car or drop it into the water from just anywhere. A jet board provides you with way more freedom while giving you a workout similar to that of skiing or boarding behind a boat. Of course, if you don’t need a boat, there are more places you can go to jet surf and you don’t have to rely on someone else to facilitate your fun. You don’t use as much gas, so this is an environmentally friendlier sport too.

Pretty cool toy, huh? I thought so! Amazon has both these models, with free shipping of course (it better be free shipping for that price!) See the Hison Jet Surfboard in this demo video and then check it out for yourself!

For $6,380 – The Ultimate Hinson Jet Surfboard (Free Shipping)

For $$11,179.99 – The Extreme Hinson Jet Surboard (Free Shipping)

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