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Each month I set out to educate, entertain, and assist men and the women who buy things for them as well as provide a bit of insight into what’s trending up in the world.  You know, stuff us guys can dig and get into type of things.  I also like to highlight things that I bought and reviewed on the website.  This month, this was my favorite new item.  Read about it here.

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Today I’m going to recap what’s been happening here as well as share some information on what’s ahead.

The Rock just put out some new Under Armour apparel.  The Rock has been with Under Armour over a year now and has a few really cool items in his line of apparel with my favorite apparel brand.

Ladies – If you are looking for an Xmas gift for your man, you can’t go wrong with Under Armour workout gear and casual wear.  Then again, you can’t go wrong with a cigar sampler pack from Famous Smoke.

I’m not one to make someone Else’s Christmas list for them, but those are two places that I feel cover all the bases this holiday season.  Of course, if you have an upcoming Christmas party, and your sweater game is weak, you should check out these ugly sweaters by Tipsy Elves.  They are on point and sure to make you the life of any Holiday party you attend.

Things Men Buy Updates November 2016

I’m still looking for vendors to “do the most” this Black Friday and really help me help my readers out by providing awesome deals.  I’d like to think that there are some companies out there who can benefit from my audience.  Is that you?  If so, please contact me.

I’ll be doing quite a bit this Thanksgiving, including doing two turkeys and having the usual 20 people over to celebrate what’s become my favorite holiday over the years. I’ll do one turkey the traditional way, and I’ll do one turkey with a crazy brine that I made.  You can check it out on my old website, which I don’t update very much.

After Thanksgiving, I hope to start traveling again.  I’m looking to do some business in Las Vegas, and relax in Costa Rica.

Wrapping up the year on a high note is always something I aim to do.  I am well on pace to meet my New Years resolution I made last year, having dropped about 17 pounds so far and on good days, 20.  I also traveled a ton, and am flirting with being Executive Platinum on American Airlines.  It’ll be a game changer if I can get there, but being Platinum now for a few years isn’t such a bad thing either.  So I hit three of my four New Years Resolutions.  The one I didn’t hit?

Not drinking beer for the month of January.  Although I did do it for a full month in the Summer, so I guess I did win that one on the back end.  Speaking of booze, I’ve been shopping at Drizly.com a bit.  I think you’ll like it.

That’s about it for my updates.  I’m excited to see what 2017 brings.  I will most likely come back in December to show you some of the Thanksgiving photos as well as make some plans for 2017 and make them public.

Until then, stay safe, and be manly!

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