SweetSext.com Review – The Place to Trade Nude Selfies, Hookup, and Sex with Others

Why is SweetSext one of the top hookup apps? Well, today, you’re sure to find out that you can trade nude selfies and meet with others for sex in 2021.

My Sweet Sext review explains everything. Just for the record, you should know I’ve used the network for a few months already. In fact, I think it could be an all-time favorite for me.

Click here to view the website and join.

The first thing I need to say is that I’ve used plenty of sexting apps in the past. Most of them are just trash with no backbone, but there have been a few decent ones. Then, I found the SweetSext app and thought I should let others know what I learned.

Don’t go thinking that this is a regular hookup app like all the others. It actually works and was created for the pandemic so that horny guys and gals could chat online, send nudes, and even meet up for sex.

In my SweetSext review, I cover everything about the app and give you a few pointers based on my success. Before we dive right in, you may already know by now that you want to try it. If so, you can register for free and give it a go.

The SweetSext.com Review

I want to fully update you about this website in my Sweet Sext review. In fact, I learned a lot when I used it and still continue to hook up with hotties on it. Could it be my favorite no-strings-attached dating app? Yes, I think it might be.

That’s enough about me for now, though. Here’s what you need to know about SweetSext:

What Is It?

This is a hookup app designed for people who want to flirt online, trade nude pics, and meet local members for hot sex. Actually, SweetSext looks similar to Snapchat, so you can get right to it and search for people to talk to. The best part is you don’t get kicked off or banned if you send naked selfies to others. That’s the goal!

I believe that this could be one of the better sexting apps or naked selfie options I’ve seen in my whole life (and yes, I’ve seen a few). It probably sounds too simple to be true, but your experience is sure to be amazing.

In fact, I dare you to take five whole minutes to view the site and sign up. It takes no time at all, and you can browse the babes and see how kick-ass cool it really is.

I’m sure your thinking that it’s too hard to join the community. Most of these apps make you jump through tons of hoops or put in your credit card info before you can even do anything. That’s not the case here! It truly is that easy and takes 30 seconds to register for a free account and start sexting with others. The instructions to sign up are below, but you might not need them:

Register Your Account

It’s very simple to join the app. There are only a few steps to do it, and they’re listed below if you want to try it out and aren’t sure where to start.

The first thing to do, though, is to visit the homepage. Go to your browser and type www.sweetsext.com. I can even make it easier for you by giving you the link to click so that you go to it from here.

Now, when you’re on the website, just look for the box with the large NEXT button in it. You may take a few moments to find it because there’s a slideshow of hot babes right below. When you’re ready, follow these steps:

  1. Select a gender
  2. Decide who to seek (women, men, couples, all)
  3. Enter a zipcode (it can be your local one or in an area where you want to find people)
  4. Choose an age
  5. Add your email address
  6. (OPTIONAL) Tick the box to get free Camsoda tokens for live cams with the girls)
  7. Create a password

Seven simple steps are all it takes. You don’t have to get the free tokens, but I recommend it. When no one is available to sext, you can watch these sexy babes do all sorts of naughty things.

Profile Tips

You’re excited to start chatting (or camming), and I get that. However, take a moment to focus on your profile. Since you want to get laid, it’s important to fill everything out honestly. Here are a few pointers:

  • Upload Your Photo – You’ve seen those dummy images and probably ignore or delete messages with no picture attached. Guess what? The women on here do the same. Make sure you take a good picture and upload it!
  • Choose a Display Name – Sure, you could use your initials and a few numbers, but that’s a little boring. You need something that turns heads and gets the ladies hot and bothered enough to chat with you. Get creative, and don’t use your real name! That way, things stay discreet.
  • Preferences – You know what type of person you like, so don’t be afraid to choose the criteria that you want. No one else can see that, so don’t be embarrassed. I recommend doing this so that you meet people you really are interested in.
  • Message Them First – I realize it’s hard to make the first move, but be bold; be daring! If nothing else, you don’t get a response and can move on to the next sexy girl.
  • Upgrade – You don’t have to pay for a membership, but I highly recommend that you take advantage of the premium account. Improve your chances of getting laid and show others you’re serious about being there.

Messaging Others

Now that your profile is set up, it’s important to head to the message center and send out some messages. Usually, I send 50 in a blast within a few minutes. I’ve perfected my initial chat, so I just copy/paste and wait for the hotties to respond.

That often happens quickly, too. You have to remember that all those people want to sext and hook up with guys. Plus, the name of the app might be SweetSext, but the responses can be anything but sweet. Many of them are incredibly dirty, with the girls telling you exactly what they want. I was totally fine with that, and I’m sure you are too.

The Prices

Though it is free to join and use SweetSext, I recommend upgrading. For one, you get a ton of extra features when you do. However, it also puts a little “premium” badge under your screen name, and it shows others that you are serious.

The features you open are:

  • Group chat
  • Deep search
  • Premium content
  • Live cams
  • Swipe games
  • See Who Viewed Your Profile

I think the last feature is the best since it tells you who looked at you. They may just be shy, so why not message them first?

Now that you know why to upgrade, it’s important to have a price list:

  • $0.95 for two days
  • $9.95 for seven days
  • $34.95 for one month
  • $69.95 for six months ($11.65/month)
  • $80.04 for 18 months total (one year with six months free for $6.67/month) – Best Value

You can use the free version until you feel comfortable paying. Then, I recommend trying out the premium option at the two- or seven-day trial. From there, I’m sure you choose the 18-month option for the most value.

Customer Service

Most people don’t think about how professional or pleasant the customer service team is. I’ve actually had to get help on the site before, and they were quick to respond. Since they’re available 24/7, it doesn’t matter what time you get online to sext and send naked selfies.

Though most of these sites include customer support, I haven’t found others that offer it 24/7 except the ones from Global Personals, LLC, which owns SweetSext.

Hookup Success Guarantee

Have you ever heard of a guarantee for hookups and sex? I hadn’t either until I visited SweetSext. It basically says that you get laid on the premium version, or you get a membership extension for free.

I’m here to tell you that most casual dating apps don’t do that, so this is a one-of-a-kind special. For that reason alone, you should try out SweetSext because you have nothing at all to lose. If you need more information about the guarantee, sign up and go to the member’s area.

No Fakes

This network doesn’t allow people to post fake profiles. I’m sure you’ve been to sites with fakes, and you can’t decide which ones are legit. That’s not a problem here.

The company locates any fake profiles, removes them, and bans those people from creating new ones. Therefore, you only see real people who want to sext and bang.


Should you sign up for SweetSext and give it a try Yes! I can’t imagine why anyone could pass up such an opportunity.

I’ve actually used this site for a while and other Global Personals websites, and they’re all fantastic. However, I feel like I enjoy SweetSext a bit more than the others.

My SweetSext review is just about done. I want to end by saying it’s free to register, the customer service team is great, and you get a guarantee or a free membership. There’s nothing to lose, so sign up at SweetSext today!

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