Was Getting A Datehookup Login A Bad Decision?

There are literally thousands of free dating sites out there on the Internet today. So many that it makes it difficult to make a decision as to whether or not joining one makes sense. As you may or may not know, I’m in strong favor of joining premium casual dating paysites. That said, I do my best to give each and every site a try. This is why I’ve gone ahead and given this site a try by obtaining a Datehookup login. I eventually ended up filling out all the dating profile details per usual.

The result of doing so?

Absolutely nothing good. But don’t take my word for it just yet. Instead, I strongly recommend that you check out my complete site review before taking any action.

datehookup login investigation

Full Rundown Of The Datehookup.com Website

I’ve held nothing back here in my review. Given that I’ve found quite a few fantastic dating sites that actually work, don’t be surprised if I seem to completely bash this website.

Here’s the short of it, DateHookup.com is a scam that’s designed to rip you off as quickly as they possibly can. The site is free to register, but without offering anything real in return. I’ve taken the time, investigated the site, and it clearly raises more than enough red flags for all to avoid at all costs.

But Why Should You Avoid It?

Here’s why…Not only do they inundate you with fake messages to get you on board with paying for an upgraded subscription, they also retain the rights of anything that you post, even pictures of yourself. That’s right, bio profile pics, risque pics and just about every other type of pic. They reserve the legal right to use your data in any way shape or form that they happen to see fit.

If anything, I cannot stand this factor of using the Datehookup site. It’s legal jargon and fluff that they cleverly sneak into the terms and conditions. Sorry, but this is something that doesn’t sit well in my stomach.

Sign up Process Kicks Off Fake Messaging

When you sign up, you’re actually agreeing to accept fake messages from them and third party members that are generated by a computer. It’s a pretty standard tactic that a lot of scam sites do today. They have one goal in mind, making you believe that you’re getting messages from women. The site wants you to think that these women are showing interest in you the second you register.

I hate to burst your bubble, but each and every single one of them is fake. All you have to do is ask yourself this, “Why would any woman reach out without knowing what you look like?” Basically, as soon as you make a profile (neglecting to post an image) you’re hit with the fake outreach. If the site worked in the same fashion that it claims, you wouldn’t have to question any of this nonsense.

Legal Rights – You Give Them Up

The legal right over the posted content is what really raises my brow. I’m not for giving up any rights, in fact, I think it’s completely absurd that they’re even doing anything like this. The second you upload a picture of yourself, they can do whatever they want with it. Yes, that does include selling the image to an entity or individual.

Just imagine how awkward it would be to find a picture of yourself on a site for people with venereal diseases aka STDs or even one of those ridiculous sites that claim to find someone’s arrest history. You never want to hand over those kinds of rights to anyone, especially to a dating website that you plan on using in the short term.

It’s Not Free At All

Most importantly, this supposedly, “free dating site” is anything but free. Sure, you can view user profiles without paying for an upgraded status, but the second that you try to view the profiles, you’re redirected to the payment form.

The same applies when it comes to messaging users. If you want to message someone, or even respond to someone, you have to pay. That’s the main reason why you consumers will receive so many fake messages. They want you to believe that women are messaging you and they want you to pay for the privilege of responding to their emails. It’s not the type of thing that any legitimate company would have to do in order to get people to pay for their services.

Site Design Is Awful

I’d also like to make note of the horrible UX/UI design that we’re dealing with on datehookup.com. Take a look at the homepage, it’s from what seems to be 1999. Based on my research, sites that don’t put in the time and effort to update their graphical user interface just don’t care about their members. Oh, one other thing I’d like to point out is that this site actually recommends other sites right on the homepage.

datehookup free dating sites

As yourself this question, “Why the hell would a dating site recommend another site?” I mean, eHarmony doesn’t recommend Match.com when you visit the homepage, so why should this one? Seriously, something smells fishy.

Conclusion: The Datehookup.com Login Was Useless

Sorry, but this site just does not deliver. It was a huge waste of time and I’m sorry that I even tried it initially. However, I did justice in doing so given that I’m able to share my experiences here on ThingsMenBuy. What you need to realize is that there are far better sites out there to use. I’ve made stellar recommendations here on this site even. There are real dating sites out there that actually have real people who are actually looking to hook up with local people.

Just start here if you’re looking for something that works. Most importantly, do yourself a solid and pass on DateHookup.com. It’s designed to get your money and give nothing. It’s not something that should ever happen but does often. Now you know and knowing saves you time and money.

Boom! Go use one of the sites that actually work. Forget Datehookup and their unwarranted tactics. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you!

Tom Savage is a serial dater living in Miami Beach, Florida. In his own words he is "part day trader, part pick up artist, part journalist." His content is a special guest contribution exclusive to TMB.

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