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swingshot cyclops pro reviewI want to talk a bit about the SwingShot Cyclops Pro high speed camera for golf swing analysis today. The primary reason I like this bad boy is because let’s face facts: A golfer can have the best clubs, shoes, and the most fashionable clothing for the fairway, but a bad swing undoes all his best efforts to be a great golfer. Not only that, but if you’ve played a round and then the next day your back or hips are sore, you may need to make some adjustments in your stance and follow through.

More and more, we’re finding that nothing replaces the visuals of a screen shot or a video of your movements and, guys, you know how much you love to golf. It would be even more fun if your score could be just a little bit lower every weekend and if you could even perhaps actually win a game once in a while (hey – I’m just talking generalities here!). And THAT is why you need a Cyclops Pro+, the top golf swing camera at SwingShot.

(Learn more about it here: www.SwingShot.com)


SwingShot Cyclops Pro+ Camera is TOTALLY Dope

SwingShot makes three models of their Cyclops: the basic for $199.99, the mid-level Pro for $299.99, and the Swing Shot Cyclops Pro+ priced $399.99. Golfers across the globe can use these systems to learn how to tackle a green: the pros and cons of their swing; even moves which are inadvertently causing injury. Learn more and become a better, safer golfer with the Cyclops Pro+ on your side.

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Visit the site, and you’ll see you only have to commit to a 30-day trial risk-free before deciding if the Pro+ is for you. If you like it, Swingshot offers multiple ways to pay including Paypal and credit card.

Why This is Their Top Product

Swingshot Cyclops Pro reviewThis top-of-the-line golf video recorder comes with many desirable features that make the $400 investment worthwhile, specifically for the purpose of improving your swing.

There is an LCD color viewfinder and 4 modes to choose from the menu that will appear here: Scenic, Lesson, Range, and Course. The screen sits on top your narrow device which is staked into the ground and uses a small camera lens to record the action (you’ll see how easy it is to set up in the video demo below this article). The viewfinder allows you to figure out where to point the thing and how to get into the scene.

Choose 1080p and 60fps or 480p and 240fps (high-definition filming either way where “fps” stands for “frames per second”). In other words, this is a high-tech camera. The 2GB Micro scan disk is removable and you can record for as much as 2 hours and 22 minutes in standard mode. Change to wireless operation and operate for ¾ of an hour.

Your Geo-tagged system operates on a private network and is compatible with an app for Android or iOS. Use your phone to control the device remotely.

This Has VERY Easy to Use Features

It’s no use owning a handheld video recorder that is awkward to carry when you already have your hands full, plus that bag and golf clubs to wheel around. Even with a caddy and/or a golf cart, an ordinary video camera becomes a bulky bit of extra equipment with nowhere to go.

The SwingShot Cyclops (all three versions) is light and skinny enough to add to your bag, plus it’s weather-resistant unlike a lot of technology. It’s designed to be aesthetically unobtrusive too with its white-and-green design. (You’ll see this in action below, in the YouTube vid I found that gives a nice overview of the camera.)

The Cyclops is functional and seriously user-friendly. Just point the camera where you plan to stand, make sure you’re in the frame completely, and press the power button. There are few buttons on the device at all, so there’s really hardly any way to go wrong unless you step out of the shot. There is also enough time of stopping and starting to record both your and your friend’s movements, so after your round you can sit with a can of beer or other adult beverage at the 19th hole and check out the results right away on your smart phone or tablet, and then take it home and upload it to the TV so you can review your swing and game in the privacy of your own man cave.

Check out the demo video below, and then head over to the company’s official website where you will get a 30-day trial and money-back guarantee – AND free shipping! By the way, this vid is really pretty much their first “commercial” and it features PGA Tour player Erik Compton, and it was recorded at the Melreese Golf Course in Miami, FL.

Head over to the site at: www.SwingShot.com

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