How Knee Sleeves Can Change your Life

Knee injuries and pain are one of the most common problems faced in the United States. Whether you’re an athlete in training, or an average Joe that’s just trying to stay active, a bout of knee pain could have you sitting on the bench, struggling to engage in even the most common everyday activities.

Remember, it’s not just professional athletes that suffer with aching joints. Knee problems can also take place as a result of everyday wear and tear caused by running, walking, and even climbing the stairs. That’s why knee support sleeves have become such a popular solution for those who want unlimited freedom, and a wide range of motion.

So, why are knee braces so beneficial?


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1. Knee Braces Enhance Circulation

One of the best ways to improve your range of motion and avoid injury with a knee compression sleeve, is to make the most of the graduated pressure design. Graduated pressure in a knee brace encourages the correct flow of blood around the knee joint, to reduce inflammation and encourage healing. Because the blood can move more freely around your knee, it can travel up to the heart, collect white blood cells for repair, and travel back down to the knee, where it will remove lactic and uric acid.

For athletes or even fitness enthusiasts, improved circulation can deliver more oxygen to your knee, and even enhance spatial awareness so that you’re less likely to fall into bad form during your workout.

2. Knee Support Sleeves Boost Comfort and Warmth

As wonderful as improved circulation might be, it’s not the only way you can improve your well being and avoid injury with a knee support sleeve. These comfortable braces are made using breathable and flexible materials that help to offer support, while warming the joint, providing easier lubrication as you walk and move. A knee sleeve can help to provide the comfort you need to enjoy a full range of motion – whether you’re walking down the street, running on a track, or hitting the gym to lift some weight.

This enhanced warmth and comfort can even provide a therapeutic benefit when you’re recovering from an injury, or trying to prompt your joints back into fighting shape after a tough workout.

3. Knee compression sleeves Enhance Mobility

Although people often think of compression sleeves as garments that repress motion, the truth is that they should do the exact opposite. When used properly, (and in the right size), knee support braces can protect your knee during motion and help to ensure that it moves in the right way – limiting damaging motion around the patella that might cause your knee cap to shift out of position. Additionally, because unhealthy movements are restricted, you can experience a lower chance of MCL and ACL ruptures during exercise

For many people suffering from knee pain and joint discomfort today, a knee sleeve is the only true way to make sure they can move with freedom.

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