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PlaneSwing Golf Swing Trainer

Welcome to my review of the #1 golf swing plane trainer, the PlaneSwing golf swing trainer. This concept of this device has resonated with me since I first saw it advertised in the early 90’s, which is about the time I took up golf. It seemed like a common sense way to groove a golf swing. You literally have the club on a rail during the entire swing. Why wouldn’t that work?

The swing plane trainer of those days was made of pvc, was rather bulky and cost around $600. Only one of these things is still true. You can pick up the PlaneSwing for about $600 today. There are upgraded versions for a bit more, but the base model is plenty awesome all by itself.

The PlaneSwing is of metal construction, light, and can be assembled or taken apart and stowed in about a minute. The main differences between the older swing trainers, current competitors, and the Planeswing are easily adjustability, alignment and posture aids, sturdy construction, easy stowing, and unrivaled service after the sale. The owner, Tony Clark, is particularly proud of their customer service.

Plane Swing Trainer - Things Men Buy

I got in touch with Tony Clark by email and arranged a phone conversation. He spent about 30 minutes talking about his history in the golf industry- Tony is a former golf pro- a former company of his with another version of a swing trainer, and the history of Tony’s latest venture- PlaneSwing. He even agreed to answer a series of questions I put together to get some real nuggets about the founding and the driving force behind the PlaneSwing company.

What I got right away, is that Tony is intimately involved in every aspect of the company, and considers it a family business. He started the company, invented their premier product, goes around the world marketing it, and will even reply to support questions. If you’ve got a problem (not many of those) or a question about the PlaneSwing- chances are that Tony will be the one answering you directly. He and his dedicated support staff will do whatever is necessary to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

PlaneSwing in Action- TMB


In my Q&A with Tony, he goes into the evolution of the current swing plane trainer. As Tony explains,

“With a small team, we successfully expanded but there were shortcomings and these were exposed at shows and by PGA Pros and amateurs. These centred around the excessively heavy roller, the confusing mat and the extension at the top of the hoop. When that profitable business collapsed due to shenanigans I set about addressing those shortcomings and developing my own swing plane trainer, PlaneSWING and in doing so created a product that delivered better results because it more closely replicates how the golf swing should be and feel.”

The market for swing plane trainers has never been stronger or more competitive. Prices for swing trainers range from $600 to over $2000. I “thought” the PlaneSwing was better. After talking with Tony about the thought process behind the product and their stellar service after, I “Know” the PlaneSwing is better. Tony brilliantly explains more about the PlaneSwing below. Please give it a watch

Swing Faults Fixed By Golf Swing Plane Training And The PlaneSwing:

  1. Slicing
  2. Coming “Over the Top”
  3. Shanking
  4. Hooks
  5. Thin Shots
  6. Fat Shots
  7. Overly Quick Tempo

An “instant feel for the perfect golf swing” and “ingraining a repetitive motion” were the thought processes that went into the design of the PlaneSwing. These objectives are accomplished by keeping the “power slider”, which is weighted, in constant contact with the hoop, thus keeping your swing and club on plane. The heft of the power slider allows you to know there it is positioned in space at all times. The “plane checker”, a small metal rod with a plastic ball on the end of it, protruded from the but of the club and acts as a check that your hands aren’t above or below the plane you’ve chosen to swing on. The power slider’s heft also forces you to use the proper muscles in your swing, helping to eliminate an over armsy or handsy swing. This leads to better muscle memory and a more consistent swing by taking advantage of using the “big” muscles as the main drivers of your swing.

Golf Swing Plane Training

Having a repeatable and on plane golf swing is the holy grail of consistent golf. It’s just what all of us want, but generally, have no idea how to get. The PlaneSwing is designed specifically to accomplish these two goals in the shortest time possible.

Golf Fitness

You could be excused for overlooking this important aspect of training with the PlaneSwing. The unique Power Slider, the weighted swinging device not only helps keep you on plane, but also forces you to use your bigger muscles- the proper muscles- to execute your swing. The more big muscles you use with the heavier Power Slider, the more your strength and stamina are improved. No more fading at the end of a long round.

Extreme Convenience

You can use this device every day. Initial setup of the PlaneSwing takes about 45 minutes. After that, it can be stowed or erected in under a minute. Practice in your garage, in your yard, even at the range. It’s made to be used every day, and its designed so space isn’t a problem.


A 30 day “no questions asked” return policy. After that, you have a 12 month return guarantee for manufacturer defects.

Can PlaneSwing Accommodate Different Swing Types

The PlaneSwing can fit golfers from 4ft 5in to 6ft 9in and can be adjusted for a flatter or more upright swing plane. The choice is yours.

Dustin Johnson Swing

Top Teaching & Tour Pros Using PlaneSwing

  • Dustin Johnson
  • Darren Clarke
  • Shaun Micheel
  • Tommy Fleetwood
  • Butch Harmon
  • Randy Smith
  • Mike malaska
  • Martin Chuck (of Revolution Golf)

**All these pros and teaching pros bought the PlaneSwing at full price. No giveaways, no discounts.

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