Ben Hogan´s Instructional Guide to Golf

Originally published as a series of articles which were printed in 1957, in Sports Illustrated, Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf was later released and became a golf instruction book that has been the best seller in its genre of all time. In this article, we will briefly revisit Hogan’s work.

Fundamental One: The Grip

Ben Hogan said: “Good golf begins with a good grip.” Hogan explains that the overlapping grip, which was made popular by Harry Vardon, is the standard grip. This still stands true to the date, the only other method that is generally accepted is the interlocking grip. Here are the fundamentals of the Hogan Grip:

The back of the left-hand faces the target.

The shaft is pressed beneath the pad.

Shaft is placed directly across the top of the forefinger joint

The hand is closed properly.

The left hand is kept on the grip, the right hand is held in an extended manner, the palm faces the target.

The right hand’s little finger will fit in the groove of the left hand’s middle finger and forefinger.

Your right hand folds over your left thumb; the right thumb is placed a bit to the side of the shaft. The right hands V should be pointed at your chin.

Fundamental Two: Stance and Posture

In this fundamental, Mr. Hogan explains that a proper set up must include balance throughout the swing. Your muscles should be prepared and allowed to perform fluidly. You have to have the perfect combination of control and power, once you have properly gripped, the face of the club must be aligned with the target.

Your body must be aligned body should then be aligned with the face of the club, hands, feet, and arm,s should be independently yet simultaneously adjusted. Adjust the width of your feet accordingly, depending on the club, always keep a strong foundation. Check every part of your body and make sure each section is properly placed, from shoulders down to the feet. Keep in mind that a swing should always be powered by the core, never the arms and hands.

Fundamental Three: The First Part of the Swing

In this fundamental Mr. Hogan explains that regardless of the swing you will be using, it is important that from the beginning, the first part is very important. You must make sure that everything runs smoothly and simultaneously. He, of course, gets into great depths as to how each swing has its differences that must be respected and adhered to for the best result.

Fundamental Four: The Second Part of the Swing

In this fundamental the finishing section, the second part of the swing is discussed and explained. Once again as mentioned above, regardless of the swing you will be using, you must focus on the end result which is hitting the ball. If you have paid attention to the other fundamentals, you are perfectly set up for this, now take a deep breath and be ready to receive your well-earned reward.

Fundamental Five: Summary and Review

As the title states, this final section is dedicated to summarizing and reviewing the fundamentals. Even if you only read this section, it is a great way for beginners to start out. Mr. Hogan explains a series of fundamental and basic steps that are all complimentary of and of course dependent on each other.

This classic book is a piece of art that was created by one of the greatest golfers of all time, the greatest ball striker. If you are interested in learning how to play golf or better your current game, this will be the book to read.

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