It’s been a wild and crazy Summer! I hope all of the loyal readers are doing well!  I’ve got some big updates for you all that hopefully get you amped about the direction of the website and where our journalism is headed!

First off, you probably noticed the new look of!  It’s a big upgrade and we’re still working out kinks, but overall we felt we needed a massive overhaul to keep up with the other trendy male blogs that aid in buying cool stuff.  There are MANY out there that we aspire to join in the big leagues of places men get their news.  As we aim to not only give shopping reviews for stuff guys want, we’re also in the business of entertaining our audience with random facts men would like to know about, but never really thought of searching up on Google.

Here are some recent updates to the library of completely useful information you can cite next time you want to settle a dumb bar bet with your buddies.

This fall, we are welcoming a highly respected online dating legend to write on occasion to share his insight on the best websites you can use to meet women of all kinds.  Oh, and how could I forget, we have two very exciting additions to our content.

#1:  The Things Men Buy Review Studio.

Our official studio has been set up and launched.  You’ll be able to enjoy new content in the form of product reviews coming to you from our very own branded studio.  It’s quaint, but it’s a studio.  Equipped with DJ equipment and all!

#2:  Interview Series

We’re setting up interviews with A, B, and hopefully D list celebrities!   We’ll launch questions about their buying habits and get their general bro tips so you can see how the A listers shop and live.  Sure, we probably won’t land Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt, but we’re entirely happy with the likes of Joey Chestnutt and Marlins Man.

With all of that out there, it’s been a very busy Summer, hence the lack of updates.  With the re-launch, Summer break, 5 trips across the country to Sin City, Opening Day at Del Mar, two weekends in Minnesota, coupled with being a single parent, it’s been hectic.  However, know that as July wraps up, August will be the start of the best Season of all:  Football Season!

I’ll be starting up all new sections of the blog, including a football handicapping section, and a section outlining all of the top restaurants around the world!

With that said, I hope each and every one of you enjoy the content as much as we enjoy living it!

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Lewis Gordon is a successful businessman living in Boston, Massachusetts. When he’s not working, he enjoys travelling – especially tasting other cuisines, scuba diving, watching and playing soccer. Lewis also has a love of dogs and is the proud owner of an English Setter.

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