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Whenever I go shopping online, I like to go to places that have everything I need in one place, which is why I’m a big fan of shopping at Amazon and making full use of my subscription to Amazon Prime with their free 2-day shipping.

But sometimes Amazon can be a little limited in their algorithms in showing you related products, or finding something that you may not have been shopping for in the first place. Whenever I’m in need of inspiration of what to buy someone as gift, I go to the site DudeIWantThat.com as it’s a great curator of products from all over the web and makes shopping easy.

What is Up With Dude I Want That?  My Review

dudeiwantthat.com review

Note – they don’t actually sell anything on their site. Like I mentioned above, they are a curator of products. Kind of like us here at ThingsMenBuy.com, they publish content site on a regular basis that highlights stuff that their readers will want to see and read about. I constantly find cool stuff on there that is right up my alley, as well as for gift giving at this time of year (I was stumped for what to get my girlfriend this year, and found a great gift for her over there).  As an addition, I buy flowers from this site.

They add 3 new products per day, every day of the week, and with how long they’ve been in operation they’ve featured a lot of cool stuff over the years. It’s run by a couple self-professed internet nerds who love to surf the web and try out and write about the neat stuff that they find, and what they’ve put together is quite a comprehensive site that any consumer can use as a resource.

Everything is sorted by category so if you have a particular area in mind, you can find it easily. You can browse stuff in Gear, Style, Automotive, Entertainment, Food, Household, Outdoors, and there’s even a section called OMG!!! that is kind of satire, featuring stuff like a Restaurant in Zanzibar or a Hobbit Hole from the Shire (yours for only $917,000!).

For examples of the cool stuff they have there, our very own editor in chief, Tim, got his Autographed Fletch Lakers jersey after seeing it on there:

Every man deserves a Fletch Lakers jersey. This one is signed! #fletch #movies #lakers #nba #throwback

A photo posted by Things Men Buy (@thingsmenbuy) on

Just browsing the front page right now there are a few things that catch my eye that I could use, like an Ultimate Beard Box that would be a nice complement to my Philips Norelco Grooming Kit I got a while back. I also noticed a book that they’re featuring called The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, which would fit the attitude around here of Zero Fucks Given.

If you’re looking for some ideas on what to get someone, or are just in a spending mood and don’t know exactly what you want to splurge on, you can kill a lot of time browsing around at Dude I Want That and you’ll surely find that perfect something.

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Dave Schmidt is an e-commerce entrepreneur specializing in business-to-consumer products, social media, affiliate marketing and SEO. He currently resides in Fort Lauderdale. When not working, Dave enjoys spending time with nephew and dogs, trying new beers, anything involving music, and soaking up the Florida sun in between trips home to his native Minnesota.

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