A lot of women out there are looking for cool things to buy a man. Let’s face it, men are notoriously awful to buy gifts for. Especially for birthdays or around the holidays. Every holiday season, us men always expect for you ladies to give us a specific list that we can just run through, step by step, to make your holiday dreams come true. But when it comes to us reciprocating that for you, it just doesn’t happen. You end up getting nothing out of us. We may give you the normal underwear or socks to get us. Sometimes a new tool or something. But not anything that will knock our socks off. I know ladies, it’s not fair. That’s why I came up with a few ideas of cool things to buy a man.

Cool Things To Buy a Man

The way to buy for a man is to know what category that particular man would enjoy the most. Let’s face it, not all men are handymen (this writer is a PRIME example). So buying the latest tool that does a zillion different things all in one might not be the best buy for that type of man. At the same time, you may not have a man that enjoys the hunting and fishing type of thing that a lot of others do. So in order to find the perfect gift for your man, you really need to know what your man likes. In other words, don’t go in looking for a specific thing. You’re liable to drive yourself batty doing that. Go looking for a specific category. There are cool things to buy a man in every category. The key is to hone in on them and go from there.

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So if you are shopping for a tech nerd guy, you don’t want to go shopping at Bass Pro or Gander Mountain. You’re going to want to stop by an Apple store or a place like Brookstone. The stuff they have in that store is incredible! Especially for a tech geek. Now if your man is more of a redneck, outdoorsy type, that’s when you go into Gander Mountain or Bass Pro Shops. There are plenty of things in there that will win you brownie points with your hillbilly hunk of man.

Tampa Bay Buccanneers MugFor guys that are into sports, the obvious is any sporting good store. Also, what is their favorite team? I guarantee if you get them something with their favorite team on it, they will cherish it for life. I still use a Tampa Bay Buccaneers mug for my coffee every morning because my wife got it for me when we first started dating and I love it. Another great place is Lids. I go through hats more than I go through underwear. And I need a new hat every year because I am superstitious about my teams. So that is an excellent place to look for the sports fan.

So if you don’t want to do any legwork at all, here are some awesome gifts for men that you can pick up that will make you look like a rockstar:

Tech Geeks:

Amazon Fire Stick: This thing is legit. Load up apps and bring your entertainment anywhere you want with this bad boy. A must for any guy.

Sharkk Portable BlueTooth Speaker: This thing freaking rocks! I use it when I work out at home and constantly get yelled at to turn it down because this little guy packs such a wallop!Sharkk Portable Speaker

Anker Portable Charger: Let’s face it, everyone’s phones die. Especially tech geeks. They need a solid portable charger to keep their devices going. This is the best we’ve found.


Redneck Guys:

Nintendo Themed Flasks: These things are hilarious. Your guy will love you for this one, and get a ton of compliments from his friends!

Bug-a-Salt Fly Shooter: How much fun will your guy have with this thing?

bug a salt fly shooter

PicoBrew Home Brewing Kit: He loves beer and nothing would make him more proud than to brew his own and have all his buddies tell him how great it is.


Jock or Sports Fan:

Under Armour: Anything Under Armour is a solid bet. Click here for an exclusive coupon!

Wireless Beats By Dre: If your guy works out at all, he needs these headphones. I kept hitting mine that had wires and unplugging them at least 3x a workout or run. These have been a godsend!

Beats Wireless Headphones

Golden Tee Home Edition: This is the ultimate gift for any man! It may also make him disappear and stay out of your hair for hours on end!


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Craig Tuttle is an entrepreneur currently living in Rochester, NY. He has two little girls under the age of three and a lovely wife. When not working on his man cave, Craig plays racquetball, cook, watches sports, smokes various meats, and plays guitar. He's also very into technology and MMA. He can be reached at Craig@ThingsMenBuy.com.

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