tailgate partyTraditionally tailgating parties were based around a football game, these days they can be based around any sporting events, outdoor performances (think Opera or orchestra) and Nascar events too.



What do you bring to a tailgate party? It depends what sort of event you are visiting, you always take food and drink – that used to be a sandwich and a couple of beers, now people pull their tailgate down, get the grill out and prepare a feast!

Top Secrets To The Perfect Tailgating Party

You want something delicious, easy and that proves your team loyalty for the perfect tailgate.

Things To Have At Your Tailgate:

#1. Pre-prep your tailgating treats

Let’s face it, guys and their grilling skills is super well-known, if we make our barbeque skills perfect we can impress our guests with ease and flair!

So, if you really want to impress, do some pre-prep by researching your steaks and turning up to the tailgate with some succulent high-end cuts of beef. You could go for the Wow factor and arrive with a tomahawk steak or casually mention that you decided to go with wagyu today instead of kobe.  No-one will have the slightest clue what you are talking about, but will LOVE the taste of your meat!

You could go upmarket and instead of beer, have a cocktail party! There are loads of great martini recipes on ThingsMenBuy.com and you could take all the ingredients in ready-made containers and mix your martinis at the party!

#2. Deck Out Your Tailgate with your Team

Make sure that you have your team colors and memorabilia out on display to show that you are a true fan.

You could go one step further and theme your food or drink with the team colors.

My team is New England Patriots and I have been known to have pomegranate martinis or blueberry martinis, garnished with a cherry for my drink of the day (I make these with this recipe and substitute the pomegranate for blueberries!)

I will also bring along blueberry muffins and red velvet cakes to the party. There is always plenty of Patriotic Twizzlers in my team colors.  Go Patriots!

#3. DIY Lawn Games

Tailgating lawn games are always great fun and they provide you with plenty of time to make new friends and hang out with buddies before the game.

Tailgating Tricks

Here’s how to really impress the babes that you want, the next ‘level’ of DIY games!!

Get practising guys, if you can impress your date with these tricks you will be so super cool – you’ll be able to choose which bodacious babe you want to date! Check out our guide on First Date Advice to help you once you’ve picked up that first date in your diary.

#4. Supportive Friends & Family

And of course, the most important thing for a tailgating party is it’s not who you support but it’s about having fun with a great group of people who all want to get together. I love the community feel of tailgating it’s a great excuse to enjoy life with each other!

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Lewis Gordon is a successful businessman living in Boston, Massachusetts. When he’s not working, he enjoys travelling – especially tasting other cuisines, scuba diving, watching and playing soccer. Lewis also has a love of dogs and is the proud owner of an English Setter.

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