best gin cocktailsDo you want to spice up your G & T? If so, what are the best gin cocktails?

We have looked at the best vodka cocktails already, so let’s check out the best gin cocktails.

You can also look at the best types of martini as most of them can be made with vodka or gin as a base.

What Are The Best Gin Cocktails?

#1. Negroni

The Negroni cocktail is made of one part gin, one part vermouth rosso, and one part Campari, garnished with orange peel. It is considered an apéritif.  The Campari in the Negroni can take a bit of getting used to, you may need to start by halving the recommended measure of Campari and building it up slowly.

#2. Tom Collins

The Tom Collins is a Collins cocktail made from gin, lemon juice, sugar, and carbonated water. First memorialized in writing in 1876 by Jerry Thomas, “the father of American mixology”.  It is a sweet and sour drink topped up with soda.

#3. Singapore Sling

The Singapore Sling is a gin-based cocktail from Singapore. This long drink was developed sometime before 1915 by Ngiam Tong Boon, a Hainanese bartender working at the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel, Singapore.  If you ever fancy a road trip to Singapore, the Raffles Hotel is still there and you can enjoy a Singapore Sling where it was invented.

#4. Floradora

The refreshing combo of raspberries, gin, lime and a bite of ginger beer is just right on a summer evening.  I personally haven’t tried this one yet, but it’s on my list for next summer!  Apparently the best way to make a Floradora is with a gin that’s not too ‘junipery’ (yep, that is a real word!)

#5. The Last Word

The Last Word consists of equal amounts of gin, green Chartreuse, maraschino liqueur and freshly pressed lime juice, which are combined in a shaker with ice.  The greenish color comes from the Chartreuse and it was traditionally made in the prohibition era with bathtub gin.  Cocktails in that era were often created to mask the unpleasant taste of the gin that they created.  I have tasted Chartreuse and that would be an ideal drink to mask the taste of anything else, it has a very strong, herbal taste!

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