If you have been living anywhere there is an Internet connection, surely you’ve seen Welven the Great.

However, you probably don’t know that’s his real name.  You probably asked yourself one time:

Who is the “Deez Nuts” Guy?

That, my friends, is Welven.  He has a rare condition called Williams syndrome, and it causes a massive overbite, which makes his teeth protrude from his mouth.  I’ve seen his “Deez Nuts Got ’em” video 100’s of times by now, and it never gets old. It’s an old school play on the famous Snoop Doggy Dogg line from his early days.

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Many people are upset about Welven being exploited for his condition, but in numerous interviews, the YouTube star has said it’s all for making money and he is fine with the camera being on him, even if sometimes he gets laughed at, and not with.

So, today, for those of you out there without any knowledge of this famous “Deez Nuts video,” here it is.  17 million views can’t possibly be wrong, can they?

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