Where can you dive with dolphinsIf you are after a more gentle diving experience than diving with sharks, let’s have a look at where can you dive with dolphins.

Dolphins are well-known for their intelligence and  inquisitiveness.  There are places you can swim and dive with dolphins who are in a captive environment, but I’m only going to suggest places where you can dive with wild dolphins in their natural habitat.

If you haven’t taken the plunge and learnt to dive, check out our post on where you can learn to dive.  There is no need to learn before you go, you can get a PADI qualification at lots of venues.   Although if you have some experience before you travel, you will obviously be a more competent and confident diver.

Where Can You Dive With Dolphins?

#1. Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Raja Ampat is renowned for its marine biodiversity.  There are many species of dolphins who live in this area and it is possible to both dive and swim with dolphins at this location.

You can choose whether you stay on the islands of Waigeo or Misool and travel to dive sites on a daily basis or whether you decide to do a liveaboard and spend a week (or more) on a boat.  Both options are good for dolphin diving, it’s totally possible to be ready to just jump off your boat whenever you come across a pod of dolphins.

Dive season here is between October & April.

#2. Red Sea, Egypt

The Red Sea has long been known for it’s diving.  I’ve been lucky enough to dive at Hurghada and you will not be disappointed!  The coral reef is world famous and there are dolphins pods in abundance who will come and check you out.  The visibility is great and the diving is best between May & July (although you can dive throughout the year).

In the Southern Red Sea you will also find Samadai and Sataya Reef which are known locally as “Dolphin House”.  Here you can dive and snorkel at the edge of the reef and the dolphins will come and check you out.

#3. Ningaloo, Australia

Ningaloo Reef is in Western Australia and is well worth a visit.  It is a bit of a trek to get there though as this part of Western Australia is still fairly remote.  To get there it would be a case of flying to Perth and then getting a local flight to Ningaloo.  This Western Australia site gives you an idea of what you can expect.

It’s not just dolphins that you’ll be able to dive with, if you make your trip there between March & July you will also be able to drift snorkel with whale sharks.

#4. The Big Island & Oahu, Hawaii

I’ll mention Hawaii as a great place to dive with wild dolphins too as it is so much closer to home!

Check out here if you need a passport to get there.  There are places where you can swim and dive with captive dolphins in Hawaii, so make sure you choose places where you are interacting with the wild variety.

It’s a location where you see dolphins year round, though I’d avoid the winter months as they can bring big swells, which will considerably reduce visibility.

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