Where Can You Dive With Sharks?If you are a thrill-seeking scuba diver, where can you dive with sharks?  I’ve mentioned that one of my favorite pastimes is scuba diving and, so far, the dive that stands out for me was a shark dive from Nassau in the Bahamas.


Diving with sharks tends to fall into two categories: cage diving and non-cage diving.  This very much depends on what sort of sharks you want to dive with!  If you’re thinking a Jaws diving encounter, then you might want to have the safety of a steel cage between you and that inquisitive Great White!

Where Can You Dive With Sharks?

Top Three Cage Diving Places

#1. Gansbaii, South Africa

I’m guessing that if you want to cage dive, you want to see a Great White Shark?  Well you’re in luck, Gansbaii is about 5 miles off shore from Cape Town and is generally known as the “Great White Capital of the World”.  There is even a channel between two islands populated by seals and penguins that is ominously known as “Shark Alley”!

You will find Great Whites in Shark Alley all year round, but visibility is better between March & September, so I suggest you visit then!

#2. Guadalupe Island, Mexico

A bit closer to home, situated in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, Guadalupe a small volcanic island where divers can enjoy 150ft visibility! The best time to visit here is between July & November.

You can go on a liveaboard (when you stay on a boat) for a week and get to see many Great Whites and a profusion of aquatic life too.

While you’re in Mexico, check out our look at the best resorts there and think about a 2 centre holiday.  Check out the logistics of passport requirements for Mexico here.

#3. Neptune Islands, South Australia

The ‘grandfather’ of shark cage diving, Rodney Fox, runs expeditions in the 4 Neptune Islands.  Rodney invented shark cage diving after one of the most famous non-fatal Great White attacks, whilst he was spear fishing.  Ater he survived, he wanted to study the Great White Shark and so he developed cage diving.

The Neptune Islands are home to a large population of Sea Lions & Seals.  The best time to see the Great Whites is between May & October, especially when they are hunting the seal pups which start to venture into the water!

Editors in Action (non-cage diving!):  Grand Bahama, Bahamas

My own experience of shark diving has been in the Bahamas, with Unexso.  The guys at Unexso take divers out on trips to Shark Junction which is a 48-foot deep site where you can find Caribbean Reef & Nurse Sharks.

This experience was fantastic, it lasts for about 3 hours and the dive itself is about 45 minutes.  The boat heads out to Shark Junction and then we dropped off the back and followed the anchor line down to a large oil tank, where as a group, we made a large mass in front of it.  This is so the sharks don’t mistake us for prey!

I haven’t got my video any more, but here’s one from another diver who enjoyed the same trip a few years later.

The best times to dive and visit the Bahamas is April through to November.

If you need information on passport requirements for the Bahamas, check out our post here.




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