Where Can I Find Payroll ChecksPayroll checks are a tool that businesses need and use. Many businesses large and small prefer actual paper checks to pay their employees rather than direct deposit options. Let’s take a look at this and answer the question, “Where can I find payroll checks”. 

Finding Payroll Checks for My Business

Why should I use actual paper checks?

Here’s a brief look at the advantages of using payroll checks.

*Everyone can be paid with a check. Anyone with a valid identification can cash a check.

*Efficient for short-term employees or contract workers.

*Easy to stop payment is a mistake is made.

*Easily accessed record of payments.

Where can I buy them?

Secure Payroll Checks from DeluxeWhen you’re buying payroll checks for your business, the checks must be printed on special paper. This security paper stock works in your favor to prevent fraud. 

The design on your checks is up to you. They can be rather blank. You may prefer a custom look with your company logo on the checks.

Here’s some places you can purchase payroll checks.

*Online Retailers. There are specialty online retailers that specialize in payroll checks and other business forms. One such long standing company is Deluxe. More information about Deluxe is available by clicking here. 

*Local Small Business. I’ve seen many locally owned and operated businesses which specialize in servicing small businesses in their area. They offer business payroll checks along with other products and services.

*Office Supply Chain Store. There are a number of larger retail outlets specifically targeting business customers. Most likely, there is one near you.

*Membership Stores. These big box stores require a fee to join. However they offer many products and services at very competitive price points.

Last Look

Payroll checks can be found many places. The preference is yours. If you are looking for customizable payroll checks with a choice of formats that will be securely sent to your business, finding out more about a company such as Deluxe worth the effort.

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