How To Use Deluxe eChecksIn our electronic, digital, virtual, computerized world, it seems like everything is happening online. Everything, it seems, has been converted to online. This is especially true with banking. Online banking via website or app is common to most of the population. But what about eChecks? The company Deluxe offers eChecks as one of their products servicing their customers. Let’s take a look at what they are and how to use eChecks from Deluxe.

Finding Out How to Use Deluxe eChecks and What They Are

What are eChecks?

Deluxe Company for Small Business Banking Solutions OnlineeChecks from Deluxe are exactly what the name implies. They are checks that are delivered by email. They serve the exact same functions as paper checks, but without the paper.

What are They Not?

Deluxe eChecks are not some type of online bill pay. They are also not a version of an Electronic Funds Transfer which is commonly shortened to ETF. They are also not an ACH (which stands for Automated Clearing House).

Why Use Them?

Fast and easy, that’s why.

When you pay someone using a Deluxe eCheck, the payment is delivered immediately. It arrives in the recipients’ email inbox. You can do this from your desktop computer, your laptop, your smartphone, or any other mobile device. It only takes seconds to pay someone. Another advantage of Deluxe’s eCheck is that it seamlessly integrates with Quickbooks.

Easy to use. Easy to learn to use. No crazy changes to the way you currently do your accounting.

How to Get Started

To figure out if Deluxe is for you and to get started using Deluxe eChecks simply click here.

To Send a Check

Use eChecks with Your Mobile DevicesThe sender first logs into their account. A check is filled out within by the sender inside of their account. Enter the email address of who you’re sending the check to and send it.

To Receive a Check

The check does not arrive as an attachment to an email. Notice will be given that the check has been sent. The recipient then accesses Deluxe’s secure system to obtain the check. All done online.

Then What?

Once the recipient has accessed Deluxe’s secure system and “open” the check, they simply print the check using their printer.

Off to the Bank

With the printed check in hand, just take it to your bank. You can cash it or deposit it like a regular check.

Final Words

Using Deluxe eChecks is a simple process. It works as fast as email. There’s really no hurdles to signing up and using them. You can use your eChecks from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Get started with eChecks by clicking here for Deluxe.

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