Deluxe is a full-service operation that helps financial institutions and small businesses take care of their business related needs. They offer a wide range of interesting products that can help financial institutions and small businesses take their operations to the next level.  I’ve used a lot of their products in my own businesses, and today I’ll share my experience.

Deluxe is also a community minded company. Since 1954, the company has donated more than $100 million to charitable organizations all around the world. As a matter of fact, in 2015 alone, the company donated approximately $2.4 million. This is an incredible accomplishment to say the least.

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How Can Help Financial Institutions?

They have the unique ability to help financial institutions in a number of different ways.

For starters, when financial institutions are looking to bring in new checking account customers, they provide cost-effective customer acquisition solutions that make it easier than ever to bring new customers into your bank.

Two of their biggest sellers in the world of finance are their Acquisitions Programs and their New Account Screening Program. If you happen to run a financial institution and want to bring new checking account customers into the fold, letting Deluxe help you will certainly make your life a whole lot easier.

They also provide on boarding solutions for financial institutions. Their Account Switching Programs and Onboarding Programs are very popular among many banking organizations all across the world.

How Can Deluxe Help Small Business Owners?

As you are about to learn, Deluxe offers a wide range of business-oriented solutions for small businesses of every type. Some of the most popular products and solutions currently being offered include the following:

  • Business checks – although the world is currently heading toward doing everything digitally, small business owners still need to get high quality, customized business checks for their company. Deluxe offers a wide range of customized business checks for small business owners to choose from. They currently have laser business checks, manual business checks, QuickBooks checks, custom deposit slips, voucher checks, wallet checks, Accounts Payable checks, window envelopes, business stamps, and much more.
  • Emailable checks – this is currently the latest iteration of electronic e-checks, and it certainly makes it convenient to pay employees. Plus, your employees certainly like it because they receive their paycheck right in their email via direct deposit. It’s easy to use as well. After an employee receives their check via email, all they have to do is verify that it is correct and then print out the check. Once the check is printed, they can go to their bank or a local check-cashing place to have the check cashed in no time at all.
  • Business forms – certain businesses need all types of legal documents and forms in order to keep their operation running legally. If you ever find yourself in need for a business form, visit Deluxe’s website and you are bound to find the form you need in no time at all.
  • Business supplies – they also sell many office supplies as well. Feel free to order price tags, folders, storage equipment, envelopes, letterhead, business cards, customized logos, and much more.

Visit Deluxe today to take care of all of your financial institution and small business needs.

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