Customized ChecksDespite the widespread use of banking apps on your smartphone, the ability to use your computer to pay bills online, and the general move toward going paperless, many people still rely on checks. Actual paper checks. We also still like to personalize our checks. We like to feel that we have customized checks. Let’s take a look at custom checks and whether we should order checks online or buy them at the bank.

Buying Custom Checks: From the Bank or Order Them Online?

Why Not The Bank

Buying Checks at the BankMany people will naturally order their checks from wherever they bank. Their bank shows designs they can choose from so their checks have a more custom look. Having a choice and being able to have that feel of customization goes a long way. It makes you feel like your checks are more you. This is true if you’re getting custom business checks or customized checks for personal use. They feel like they are your’s and nobody else’s.

It’s the Cost

Even though you get some check design choices and have the convenience of buying your checks from the bank, it might not be a good deal. You may pay a lot more for your checks by just buying them from the bank. Sometimes you could be paying two or three times as much for your checks by buying them from the bank.

What Are My Options

You can order checks online and get your checks in the mail. If you shop around, you can save money when you buy custom checks this way. If you want customized checks or custom checks for business, is a reputable company.

Do not order your checks from just anyone. If you want to buy checks online, make sure you check the company out. The Better Business Bureau is always a good place to research a company, their reputation, and to make sure they are legitimate, You don’t want to supply just anyone with your checking account information.

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