Which Skin Care Products Should Men Use?

As a man approaching 40, my spending habits have really shifted in the last several years. I felt like in my 20’s all I looked for was bodybuilding supplements and “pick me up” stuff like energy pills or even drinks. Late night partying, having a young son, and the hustle bustle that comes with living in Miami Beach led me to always look for that extra bit of adrenaline to keep the show on the road.

Fast forward to my 30’s, where I spent a few years living in Costa Rica attempting to get into the real estate investing game. While that venture failed miserably, I had a lot of fun in Costa Rica. (If you don’t believe me, just read this post. My entire life down there featured bits and pieces of that bachelor party guide.)

My life consisted of beaches, golf, rum, beer, and tequila, in no particular order. When you beat up your body with booze, and most importantly for today’s topic of skin care, the sun, it’s going to be something that will have to be dealt with at some point in life.

Well, that point is here, my friends. Today I find myself aging, and to be blunt, it sucks. Since 2009 I’ve been the President of a company called Skin Pro. We manufacture, market, and distribute over 40 SKU’s of anti aging products. It’s one of my many Internet Businesses, and perhaps the one I’m most proud of.

There are many products that are designed to make the average male look younger, but if you are like most males out there, you probably have many questions about which ones actually work?

  • Who should you believe?
  • How much should you spend?
  • Which ingredients should you look for?

These are all questions I had on my mind prior to creating a disruptive company in the anti aging sector. I immersed myself in the niche, spending time with Pharmacists, formulators, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists. I wanted to learn about the natural factors and their role in aging. I needed to understand which ingredients were worth investing in, and which ingredients could cause harmful reactions.

It took a few tries, but after several years of R & D, working with multiple laboratories in the USA and abroad, we formulated an under eye serum that aimed to reduce the appearance of eye bags, dark under eye circles, wrinkles, and fine lines on the face. Originally called Elite Serum, the latest version is called “Elite Serum Rx.”

This product was created to attack every sign of aging that affects us around our eyes. If you are looking to use just one eye product, this the serum I’ve worked so hard at creating that it’s going on 10 years of being a top seller on Amazon.com.

The reason behind it’s success is a dedication to science. You see, when you make any skin cream or serum, you have many options as far as ingredients. We chose to use cosmeceutical ingredients that we import from Europe. One particular ingredient, that wasn’t very popular back then, was one that we really liked. It had amazing clinical studies that really supported it’s efficacy at reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the face. This ingredient, called “Argireline,” was featured on the Dr. Oz Show several years later, creating a huge demand for Argireline Serums.

While many companies scurried to introduce Argireline products to the market, we already had a proven formula featuring this powerhouse ingredient which was now in demand thanks to mass media.

Sales rocketed, and Skin Pro was put on the global map.

I invite you to try Elite Serum Rx, and since we are “meeting” on a more personal level, through my male shopping blog, I’m going to give you a discount.

Other Skin Products for Men:

If you are looking for a full facial serum with a cutting edge story, try the Bio Placenta Serum. This was introduced in early 2017 by our company, and it instantly became one of our top selling items.

If you prefer a cream, and one that specifically targets dark under eye circles (I get these from late nights and dehydration personally), get the Miami Nights Eye Cream. This was designed for young professionals who want to enjoy life, but who also need to look their best when the sun comes up.

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Lewis Gordon is a successful businessman living in Boston, Massachusetts. When he’s not working, he enjoys travelling – especially tasting other cuisines, scuba diving, watching and playing soccer. Lewis also has a love of dogs and is the proud owner of an English Setter.

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