At we believe that skincare is for men too.  For that reason, this is an Elite Serum Rx Review.

Elite Serum Rx is for wrinkles, bags and dark circles.  It contains eight peptides which combine into a formula which is clinically proven to significantly diminish eye bags and dark circles around the eyes.  The scientific formula also promotes skin elasticity and firmness.

Elite Serum Rx Review


Elite Serum Rx Review

Guys, check this out, it’s not just women who get to find great creams for their face.  Men can too!  I love this stuff and I travel a lot, so my skin can get really dry, especially with all the plane travel.  Here’s Calvin’s post that goes into more depth on Elite Serum, he raves about it too!  His post also has a money off coupon, so if you decide to try this stuff, pick up the coupon on the way to Amazon.

Have a look at Tim’s post on Men’s Health too – his comment which he got from WebMD

 Let’s face it, most men take better care of their cars and trucks than they do their personal health and hygiene!”

This is SO true!  We do take much more notice of our favorite car or bike and care for it much more deeply than we do about our own skin!!

The Elite Serum Rx is manufactured in the US, as are all the SkinPro products.  They are also cruelty free and are subject to cutting-edge clinical technology.  These are all important factors to consider in buying Elite Serum Rx.  For me, it’s really important that now I’ve got to the point where I’m looking after my skin, I use a product that was formulated and manufactured in the US.  There is so much stuff out there that comes from overseas and, be honest, there is no way we have any idea what goes into these products!

Elite Serum Rx Reviews on Amazon from Men

At the point of writing this post, over 500 people have reviewed Elite Serum Rx on Amazon and it has a four stars.  Obviously a lot of the reviews are from women, but here’s some reviews from guys:

Bruce says:

“I have very sensitive eyes and this product is not irritating at all. After a week or so I see the skin around my eyes appears brighter and maybe even a little tighter.”

Josh says:

“This stuff is amazing, I was skeptical but it did indeed make a noticeable reduction in wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes. I saw results after just over a week. Oh and it only takes a small dab to treat a relatively big area, use sparingly. Buy with confidence!”

Jason says:

“Received Elite Serum really quickly. A friend recommended this product for anti-aging & wrinkles. Extremely easy to use and I’m starting to notice a great difference in a matter of days. The box is slim and the cool “syringe” makes it a unique experience. This is definitely a great anti-aging serum for wrinkles.”

Elite Serum Rx Reviews on YouTube

There are some great reviews for Elite Serum Rx on YouTube.  This one is information all about the SkinPro company and how they develop their products:

I use Elite Serum Rx and I recommend to all my buddies, go buy it!

(Remember we have a money off coupon on Calvin’s post.)





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