Free Survival Life Credit Card Knife Review

Pocket knives are generally handy and can be used for a variety of purposes and situations. However, not every pocket knife is as cool and functional as the Survival Life Credit Card Knife, which you can have for FREE plus shipping. Let’s take a look below at what makes the Credit Card Knifeso great and if it can be considered the Best Survival Knife.

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  1. Lightweight

Best Survival KnifeMost pocket knives weigh 150 grams while others with the same blade size as the ones used in this Credit Card Knife weigh around 75 grams. Even the smallest Swiss knives weigh more or less 23 grams. So at 13 grams, the Survival Life Credit Card Knife is almost 10 times lighter than the typical pocket knives.

And with weight and portability as a major consideration, it’s quite obvious that the Card Knife offers greater advantage than do other pocket knives.

  1. Ultra-slim

With a thickness of only 2.2mm, the Free Credit Card Knife is definitely ultra-thin, which makes it one of the thinnest and extremely portable pocket knives available in the market.

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  1. Extreme sharpness

survival knife reviewCompared to most Survival Knives with 25mm-long cutting edges, this Survival Knife comes with an extra long surgical blade edge measuring 65 mm. Rust-free and razor sharp, Credit Card Knife‘s blade is made of high quality stainless steel that guarantees extreme sharpness, long blade life, and reliable durability.

  1. Safety

The Free Credit Card Knife comes with a safety sheath for the blade edge, a protective hand guard, a safety lock, and a cutting mode lock mechanism.

survival life credit card knifeThe protective sheath helps avoid blunting and accidents while the safety lock keeps the childproof and tamper proof unit from opening when it’s in your bag or pocket.

To keep the case from accidentally folding, which can cause blade tremor and inaccurate cutting, the Survival Life Credit Card Knife comes with a snap-open mechanism that securely locks the blade in place when in use. It also has a protective hand guard so you can have a good grip on the knife and keep it from slipping off your hand when in cutting mode.

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  1. Waterproof

Outfitted with stainless steel blade and a snap-open waterproof locking mechanism, the Card Knife can be washed in machines. Unlike most folding knives, Credit Card Knife doesn’t contain parts that are susceptible to rust.

  1. Quick transform mechanism

credit card knifeBy just snapping it open, Wallet Knife easily transforms to a fully functional pocket knife and back to its credit card-sized form in just mere seconds.

  1. Eco friendly:

The ultra-slim Survival Knife Credit Card undergoes a simple automated 2-part construction and assembly process so it saves on manufacturing waste and generates very little carbon footprint when shipped and stored.

  1. Permutability:

Depending on your preference and upon placing a promotion inquiry, you can customize the laser engraving on the blade or opt for customized litographic label or pad printing.

  1. Legal:

The blade can be seen even when the unit is closed. You may also opt for a clear body so it’s visible from both sides. That would make possession of it legal in most countries although some countries may have different restrictions.

But the best thing about the Credit Card Knife is you can have it for FREE plus shipping.

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