The Best Throwing Knives for Beginners

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I like throwing knives. I also like throwing hatchets, axes, and about anything else that resembles a weapon and that is able to be tossed or thrown. Maybe that comes from growing up a crazy country boy or maybe I read too many fantasy novels with barbarian and warrior characters. Whatever the source, my interest in knives, knife fighting technique, and throwing knives has continued throughout my life right up to the present. What is the best throwing knife for beginners has to be the number one question asked by anyone interested in developing the skill of knife throwing? I’m going to offer my opinion and also put forth some related general information.

Not Every Knife is for Throwing

The first thing to realize is that your favorite steak knife is not a knife you want to throw. You can throw it, but you’re not going to be able to throw it with any precision reliably. I realize this is not going to be a newsflash, but to throw a knife right you need a properly made throwing knife. Throwing knives are both designed and made to be thrown.

Proper throwing knives are made from one single piece of material. They are generally, but not exclusively, made from steel or carbon. The design is a basic one with the sharpened blade and the grip for, well, gripping in preparation for throwing.

Types of Throwing Knives

There are four main types of throwing knives:

The Japanese Kunai Knife is more of a heavy duty multi-use knife.

Handle-Heavy Knives, as the name implies, are designed with more weight toward the handle. These are better for the more experienced knife thrower as they require more skill and power to throw well.

Blade Heavy Knives have, you guessed it, more weight toward the blade. Overall, it is a lighter weight knife which is easier to handle and throw farther.

The Balanced Throwing Knife is, well, a balanced knife. This means the weight is evenly distributed throughout the knife. A balanced Throwing Knife is appropriate for all skill levels. So this type is a no worries choice.

Finding Out What is the Best Throwing Knife for Beginners

An ideal throwing knife for those starting out needs to be of proper weight. Your throwing knife should weigh about an ounce to an ounce and a half per inch total length.

Overall dimensions play a role too. The dimensions of the knife are purpose driven meaning that you have differently sized knives depending on the distance you want to throw them.

Perfect Pak's 12 knife Starter SetTaking all this into consideration, there is not one single best throwing knife for beginners. That’s the bad news. The good news is that I have a few suggestions which will get you throwing.

An outfit called Perfect Point has the Pak-712-12 which is a set of wonderfully balanced throwing knives for anyone just starting out. You get 12 knives. They are relatively cheap, stick well, and are thrown easily. The metal is a touch soft so you may break a tip now and then. Also, there is no paracord on the handle. For the value, these are tough to beat. You should be able to find the set for under $30.

If you want to spend around $50 and get a topfling throwing knife by SOG quality set of knives right out of the gate, check out what SOG offers. Specifically, I’m talking about 3 knife Fling set. Spear point blade. Paracord wrapped handle. Ballistic nylon carrying sheath. Fixed blade with good hardness.

For anyone starting out, either of these sets will not disappoint. Make your choice and begin the never-ending, but enjoyable, path of learning, practicing, and training.

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