Hi there campers,

here I am again with a tug on your coat about a shiny little object I just love! This little beauty is Porsche Design Men’s Flat 6 Auto Grey Rubber, with Dial Black Ion Plated Stainless Steel. Sweet!

Simple, elegant and sleek with the right amount of ‘Vo Voom’ while still maintaining a certain dignity. This Flat 6 from Porsche Design a nice piece for any handsome chap about town, a perfect accessory for any sportsman, and an even better accessory if you happen to own a road going flat 6.

Looking at the details we see the rubber strap sports an appropriate tire tread patterned on the underside that pairs with a black steel case. This little darling in water resistance up to 100 meters so if you want to go sailing you got nothing to worry about.

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Now before you say “No Way Dude!” It’s not as bad as you think. Yes, it did start out at just over $3000 but it’s nowhere near that price now. No, here at Cool Banana, we don’t pay top dollar.

Forget about the cash outlay for a moment and just think about the enjoyment of putting this baby on in the mornings. This is exactly the type of unnecessary shiny object Cool Banana advocates chasing in the name of decadence and self-indulgence. Live is short and there’s no rehearsal, so grab life by the balls and make it your bitch, and shop like a man!

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I know that sounds a little dramatic but I think you understand the idea? I’m sure you can balance minor selfish desires with family and professional responsibility, after all, we have an expression for this don’t we?

“Pushing The Boat Out”

This is what we do when with throw caution to the wind and splash out on something we’ve wanted for some time. Could be garden furniture, a new car, a tailored suit, Italian shoes. It doesn’t matter what it is. The point is, life’s a journey and sometimes you need to give yourself a break as you travel the bumpy road. So, enough of my 1st-year psychology 101 meets 1st-year philosophy minor.

So long as you can look at your shiny objects and dream, maybe that’s enough. After all, if you could have everything you want, what would be left? Oops, philosophy minor again…..

Okay, ok, I’ll shut up now, because I’m beginning to sound like I’ve been smoking pot all day (which I haven’t).

I will leave you with this. Let Cool Banana into your life but don’t let it control you :o)

But seriously, this is a short post but I will be back soon with another shiny object of desire and a nice write-up. Until then, take care and …..don’t go changing :o)

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Until next time take care.

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