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Shopping for a watch, let alone various watch straps to go about with it, can be quite challenging. After all, a watch isn’t just like any other piece of jewelry that one can own. It has a functional purpose by obviously telling time. But, there’s also the element of style that you have to consider. When it’s something that you wear every day, you’ll also need to stay comfortable and confident wearing it.

With the Nato watch strap, the great news is that there are so many designs for you to choose from. Thus, increasing the probability of you ending up with that watch strap that’s within your best preference.

When the market is swamped with cheap options that are of more inferior quality, you may want to choose watch straps that you can rely on. That way, you know that you’re buying an investment piece that’ll last you for many years to come.

That said, as you head out to shop for new watch straps, keep in mind the following tips when choosing styles that can go well for daily use:

Get The Right Size

Before you buy anything online form the selection of Nato watch straps found at, go through the same process as you would do, had you shopped in-store instead.

Measure your wrist first so that you’re sure that you’ll end up with the right size. You wouldn’t want a strap that’s too long since this will look cheap and unnecessarily bulky. Then, you wouldn’t want one that’s too tight since it’s also going to be uncomfortable to wear.

Watch straps are generally measured in lug width, which is in millimeters.

Match It With Your Personality

If you’re going to wear watch straps, choose the one that best speaks to your personality. If you’re giving it as a gift, then think of the person that’s going to receive the watch. You must be able to match the strap with their personality so that they’ll be pleased about using the watch every day. Else, chances are, they won’t even try to wear the strap.

If you know in your heart that it doesn’t speak to you, then it’s better to choose another one from the many available options instead.

Here are some of the popular style groups for you to choose from:

  • Sports watch straps, which are generally meant for outdoor use
  • Casual watch straps, often come in the form of leather straps since these are the most versatile
  • Fashion watch straps, come with more intricate details
  • Dress watch straps, meant for more formal occasions

Check The Hardware

Nato Watch Strap

Along with the watch strap itself is the choice of the hardware. While it may only be a tiny part of your watch, it’s quite significant as it put your whole watch together.

The hardware should also match the face or the dial of the watch itself. Moreover, it should also be of a color or material that you’re comfortable using. For example, some individuals have an aversion to yellow gold, so they’d rather go for white gold instead.

Also, choose good quality hardware so that you know it’s not something that’ll just tarnish after a short time of using it.

Consider The Materials

The material of your strap will also be something that’s a matter of personal preference; this also depends on what you generally do for a living every day.

For example, if you’re usually in the office, then you can go for gold, white gold, or leather straps. But, if you work outdoors, then a rubber strap might work better.

Whenever you’re unsure, stick with the neutral colors. For stainless steel, there’s gold and silver. For leather, there’s brown or black. Lastly, for the rubber straps, you want to stick to black.

Factor In Your Age

Different age groups have their respective preferences.

For example, the younger ones, or the millennials, might be more keen on bold styles with details and even brighter colors. Teenagers may also prefer watches that look like charm bracelets. Then, on the other hand, older adults might want to stick with the classics.


The tips enumerated above are meant to help make the watch strap shopping process easier for you. The last thing that you’d want is to end up overwhelmed or confused.

With this, you’re able to give yourself that chance of a more informed choice. Henceforth, you’re sure that the watch strap you’re buying is one that you’ll be pleased with for many years to come.

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