Welcome to, the premier source for reviews of cool stuff for men. And let’s face it, probably stuff men buy but don’t necessarily need! Scroll down for our latest news updates and for links to our full database of reviews.



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Welcome to, the premier source for reviews of cool stuff for men. And let’s face it, probably stuff men buy but don’t necessarily need! Scroll down for our latest news updates and for links to our full database of reviews.





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I’m Tim, the founder and lead publisher of this website. I urge you to learn more about me and the other guys so you can identify similarities and differences and better understand the product reviews of everything we think might interest men and the women who shop for them. We’re stopping at nothing to become the #1 source for hot takes on cool products men buy.


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I started this website because frankly, I didn’t have an end all, be all source of informative male product reviews that had a voice behind them.  I was sick and tired of reading all the stuffy tech blogs reviewing technology products and not knowing just WHO was behind them.  I was sick and tired of reading Amazon reviews and not having any connection with the actual consumer reviewing the product.

The goal of this website is to engage readers and get them to know just WHO I am, so they know what sort of background I come from and why I may or may not like certain products.  Over time, we’ll expand the number of authors we employ and have a diverse review team with different tastes and hobbies. Some people enjoy luxury items, others are simplistic.  Some are fashionistas, others (like me) are entirely fine rocking sports apparel and comfortable items such as Under Armour clothing.  Hey, if that’s not cool stuff for guys, what is?

To get the latest information and reviews, in real time, please connect with us on social media. Also make sure to reach out to us at any time using our contact page.

To wet your appetite on some of the products we talk about routinely, here are a few of the latest reviews posted:

I wrote a review of one of my favorite cigars, the Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 Cigar.  If you are a cigar smoker, know that I have aligned myself with Famous Smoke.  Visit this page for a current coupon code and order from the comfort of your home.  I know I do…..frequently!

This cigar was special to me because I personally brought back a box of these after spending time in Nicaragua!  I’d enjoyed this cigar at my local cigar club previously, but this time, this was direct from the SOURCE!   Often times I smoke cigars while updating this very website, because that’s what men do.

Of course, one of my all time favorite purchases and product reviews is my Golden Tee Golf Home Edition video game.  We spend hours playing this vintage arcade game that through technology gets updated every single year with new features!  My son is arguably the best ten year old player in the world!

Speaking of video games, you MUST check out these parody Nintendo drinking flasks.  These are the perfect gift for any fan of the original eight bit Nintendo Entertainment System!

No matter what time of year it is, you can always buy ugly Christmas sweaters!  You’ll also see some pics of my past ugly sweater parties so you can get an idea of some of the hideous but memorable sweaters they create!  They also have an expanded line of products that includes college game day apparel.

As a dog lover, I’ve made the switch to Hungry Bark.  A local South Florida brand has revolutionized the dog food industry.

We always appreciate when people share our website with others, so if you know anyone shopping for cool stuff for men, by all means, please pass this along to them!


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