List of Mike Tyson Punch Out Characters

Punch Out is an all-time classic video game, released in 1987. Here’s a list of Mike Tyson Punch Out Characters – do you remember them?  I’ve gone ahead and added some videos that I thought were the BEST on this topic for each character. I spared no expense watching many classic YouTube videos of these iconic Punch Out characters.

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List of Mike Tyson Punch Out Characters

#1. Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson

To get to actually fight Mike Tyson, you had to go through all the other Punch Out fighters.  When you did get through the list of Mike Tyson Punch Out Characters, it was almost impossible to beat Tyson!  By the time you’d got there, your energy got sucked up by blocking punches and you usually got knocked to the canvas very quickly.

There were lots of cheat codes out to bypass the other Punch Out characters and get straight to fighting Mike Tyson … but you’d probably still lose!  When people brag about beating Mike Tyson, don’t believe them!!

#2. Soda Popinski

Soda Popinski

​Soda was a drunk, purple-faced Russian boxer.  There is no way he would be acceptable in this day and age! He drank out of a green bottle and laughed at you when he knocked you out.  In Super Punch Out his name changed to Vodka Drukenski!

#3. King Hippo

King Hippo

​A total disaster as a boxer, but he loved the limelight and the adoring crowds!  Every time you punched him in the mouth, his shorts fell down.  Arrogant and full of himself, every time he fell down, he stayed down!

#4. Don Flamenco

Don Flamenco

​A rose in his mouth and a taunt of “c’mon, c’mon, c’mon”, Flamenco was strange to say the least! He hated his hair being messed up, the more you punched him, the balder he became.  Flamenco The Flamboyant was out there!

#5. Great Tiger

Great Tiger

​A teleporting Indian boxer, with a glittering ruby in his turban. He used to take wild swings at Little Mac.  No way he would be created today – but back in the day he was special!

#6. Bald Bull

Bald Bull

​A maniac with a laugh to match, a “Bull Charge” move which you had to work out how to counter and some fantastic facial expressions.

#7. Glass Joe

Glass Joe

​He had no idea how useless at boxing he was!  The sort of guy who would start a fight and get knocked down straight away, but pick himself up and start another fight!  He always kept coming back for more and had no idea how bad he was!

#8. Super Macho Man

Super Macho Man

​He was famed for his “Macho Spin Punch”.  Super Macho Man was the last hurdle before getting to fight Tyson and he was pretty effective at stopping you get to Tyson.  He was supposedly only 27, but he was gray, old and probably on steroids!

#9. Piston Honda

Piston Honda

​This dude was famous for his eyebrow moves just as much as his boxing moves!

#10. Referee Mario

Referee Mario

​A cameo appearance from Mario, didn’t do much, just said “TKO” every now and then to the over-excited crowds!

Other Additions to the List of Mike Tyson Punch Out Characters

There were others worth a mention too:

  • #11. Von Keiser – the dude who was your second opponent, with the mustache
  • #12. Little Mac – the main protagonist in Punch Out
  • #13. Doc Louis – the trainer
  • #14. Mr Sandman – hard to beat, his special move was the “Dreamland Express”

For any I’ve missed, check out the Wiki List of Mike Tyson Punch Out Characters.

If our list of Mike Tyson Punch Out Characters has got you feeling nostalgic, we recommend that the next tailgate party you turn up to, you take along a Nintendo themed flask!

Who was your favorite?

(Mine was definitely Soda Popinski!)

Did you ever get to fight Mike Tyson?

(I’ve beat him a few times, but it wasn’t easy!)

Comment below!

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