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Onnit is an interesting company that mainly focuses on inspiring peak performance. They do so through offering a wide variety of health products, and they even share actionable information on their website.  I’m going to share with you my Onnit coupon code in this review and tell you about my personal experience with this amazing health company.

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Onnit.com Brain, Workout, and Health Supplements

It is their mission to help people reach the next level in everything that they do, and they do this by offering products based on cutting-edge science, top-notch ingredients, and they receive help and inspiration from medical professionals and the greatest athletes from around the world.

This company has dedicated itself to providing their customers with the best organic foods, supplements and fitness equipment. Their overall aim is to help individuals achieve greater well-being and longevity. They call this Total Human Optimization.

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How Onnit Got Started & Where They Are Heading in the Future

This company was originally founded back in 2010. It came into being because Aubrey Marcus, the gentleman who started this company, had an important idea about using certain combinations in order to create the most cutting-edge nutritional supplements available today.

And that is only the beginning…

In July 2011, this company released Alpha BRAIN, which is now known as its flagship cognitive enhancer. They have not looked back since releasing this product, and they have made many other supplements available for those looking to achieve peak performance.

But Onnit does much more than sell supplements. They sell fitness equipment and nutrient dense foods that also help individuals take their health and longevity to the next level. Everything that they do is to help improve the body and the mind.

Buy Onnit Supplements Online

Here’s a recap of a recent order I made at Onnit.com

They are only just scratching the surface…

This company is going to continue to innovate. They are going to continue to look for areas in the market that they can identify and improve upon. And when all is said and done, their ultimate goal is to be of higher service to their customers, and they will continue to do this and much more into the future.

Partnering with Medical Professionals and High-Caliber Athletes

As you can probably tell, Onnit exist to deliver the best possible experience on many levels. By partnering with the top medical professionals and athletes in the world, they have the unique opportunity to create high-caliber products that people will really benefit from.

As they say, they do not hire the best athletes and medical professionals to read a script. Oh no. These people are there to provide information about the latest research, to help test the products, to provide ways to source the best ingredients, and to ultimately share their wisdom, knowledge and experience in their respective fields.

Think about it…

When you take supplements, you want only the highest caliber, right? Well top scientists and medical professionals are going to share their insight into using the best ingredients to making these supplements.

When it comes to fitness equipment, you should only want to use the best of the best. And the best equipment is going to come from top athletes that have mastered the craft of working out. They know exactly the right type of design needed to make high-caliber fitness equipment.

All in all, having the best scientists, medical professionals and athletes on staff will always give Onnit a competitive edge. And as for you, their valued customer, it will always give you the best experience possible when buying supplements, fitness equipment and nutrient rich diet products for unconventional fitness.

What Is Total Human Optimization?

We mentioned earlier that Onnit is completely focused on Total Human Optimization. But what does this mean?

Since the human body is such a complex machine, it makes sense that it would run at its best when given the ultimate fuels to meet its massive demands on a daily basis.

As an example, the brain makes up 1/50 of the human body. But it uses much more of the fuel that you take in on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, the human brain will use up 20% of the body’s fuel in order to properly function.

Ultimately, Total Human Optimization is quite simple when you think about it. Onnit is focused on providing the best supplements to help meet the demands that life springs upon us each and every day. We all need the best fuel to thrive. We all need inspiration and motivation to keep going forward. Onnit works hard to deliver on every level.

About CEO & Founder Aubrey Marcus

The CEO and founder of Onnit graduated with a degree in philosophy and classic civilization from the University of Richmond. Although that seems like an odd major for somebody running a company selling supplements, organic foods and fitness equipment, it really didn’t put a damper on his starting this great business.

Here’s an interview with Aubrey Marcus and Joe Rogan. 

As a matter of fact, Aubrey Marcus ran a marketing company for seven years after getting out of college. But ultimately that wasn’t his dream. His dream was to start and run a company focused strictly on human optimization and helping out his fellow man.

He is a very active CEO, and he even hosts his own podcast called the Total Human Optimization podcast. Not only that, but he also created the Warrior Poet Project, which is strictly dedicated to help explore and also expand human consciousness and happiness.

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Finally, this great CEO is also a guest on many popular radio shows and podcasts. He’s been a featured guest on the Jason Ellis show as well as the Joe Rogan Experience.

Information about Top-Selling Onnit Products

All of the wonderful holistic health products that we are about to mention are best-sellers for a reason. These all natural, protein rich supplements and organic foods are the best wellness products for holistic health on the market today.

Onnit Alpha BRAIN

This is the company’s flagship product. It’s considered a nootropic brain supplement.  It was the original supplement that they created in July 2011 that started this incredible journey to begin with.

As far as brain health is concerned, this powerful supplement can help take it to the next level.

Many of you might be wondering if it actually works. Go to Amazon or any other website that has reviews and you’ll see that there are many happy customers enjoying the wonderful benefits that this supplement provides.

The reasons why so many people love Alpha BRAIN are as follows:

  • It helps to improve learning ability and memory – as we get older, it becomes harder to learn new things, and as we really get up there in years it becomes practically impossible to remember things. Supplements often claim that they can help with holistic health, but more often than not they do not deliver the goods. This supplement is an exception to the rule. Many people have said that they were able to improve their memory and learning ability when taking this supplement regularly.
  • Helps to improve focus – many of us have a difficult time maintaining our focus. It’ll become a lot easier once this becomes a part of your daily health regimen.
  • It helps to improve sleeping – if you have a difficult time getting to sleep at night, this supplement is going to be the key to a good night’s rest.

Clearly, Alpha BRAIN delivers the goods and fires on all cylinders.

Total Primate Care

Next up on our list is a product that goes by the name of Total Primate Care.

This product’s main claim to fame is that it’s a supplement packed with protein that delivers the goods on every level.

The supplement helps with:

  • bone and joint maintenance
  • mood enhancement
  • improved brain function
  • immune system health
  • macronutrient delivery
  • protein
  • all natural ingredients

Hemp FORCE Choco Maca

This is protein powder at its finest. And the reviews are in and they are phenomenal. So many happy customers love the way that this protein powder tastes. They say that it is the best tasting protein powder on the market today. You’ll flip head over heels for this wonderful product because it can help you in the following ways:

  • it is a true superfood
  • is an antioxidant rich product
  • it helps to balance neurotransmitter levels
  • it helps to balance hormonal levels

T + Total Strength & Performance

This is another one of their best-selling products because it gets the job done and delivers the goods. The new formula is even better than the old one, and so many people are ranting and raving about how great it tastes.

You’ll benefit from this product in the following ways:

  • it helps to improve strength
  • it helps to improve power and longevity
  • it helps to improve athletic performance
  • it helps to improve muscle recovery
  • it is free of GMOs
  • it is stimulant free
  • it’s one of the best diet products on the market today and helps with unconventional fitness

Onnit MTC Oil

Last but certainly not least, this top-selling product provides many wonderful benefits for those who use it. Those benefits include:

    • it’s loaded with healthy fats
    • it’s excellent to put in coffee, smoothies and shakes
    • there is no palm oil contained in this product
    • it helps to support human brain health
    • it’s perfect for athletes following a high-fat, low carbohydrate diet

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As you can clearly see, Onnit, Aubrey Marcus, and the rest of the staff at this wonderful company really care about you, their valued customer. They want you to thrive in a difficult environment, and they have provided the best products to help take your life to a better place.  Slap on your favorite UA gear, get your butt on some of these supplements, and say hello to a more optimized YOU.

Remember, Onnit.com coupon codes are the best way to save money.  Use “GetOnnit” at checkout and save some cash on these amazing products!

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