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Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

Many people may actually say they want to lose weight, but most of the time many of them want to lose fat. Losing weight and losing fat is actually not the same, you may lose your weight as a result of water loss, loss of glycogen, calorie burning, muscle weight and so on without losing fat. Many people do not know this and this might even be the reason why some of them are still struggling in achieving their fitness goal. In addition, the body is composed of muscle, fat, water, bones, organs, etc. in which the weight of the body comes from. That means you can lose weight when the percentage of any of the body compositions is reduced. There can be weight loss when body fat has been reduced and there can be weight loss without losing fat (no fat loss). The best way to track your fat loss progress is the Weight Gurus Scale or you could also take a look at the Fitbit Scale Review.

Water Weight

fitbit ariaThe human body is composed of about 50% – 65% of water, water weight is not always considered when people are talking about body weight which supposed not to be so. A few pounds can be lost from your weight just by losing water weight since water weight also accounts for the overall weight of your body.

Dehydration is not healthy for body and it’s not a proper way of losing weight. Moreover, you can reduce salt consumption and increase your water intake to flush out excess fluid from your body.

Muscle and Bones Weight

During loss of weight, the best way to lose fat is by including strength training into your fitness training. Getting muscle weight by increasing your muscle mass helps to keep the weight you lose through cardio off. Without muscle mass, the weight you lose through cardio can still come back.

About 15% of the body weight is a result of body bones, strong bones are as a result of weight lifting and calcium in the body. It is a good thing that you have strong bones as they help you prevent some diseases like osteoporosis and also makes you strong. They are also important in preventing excess fat from the body.

Fat Loss

A successful weight loss is through being able to lose body fat and maintaining body muscle or even by gaining more muscle. Before you can look fit and healthy, losing fat and gaining muscle is necessary, when you lose weight without losing fat, it’s like you being a smaller/lower version of an obese person. Muscle has a greater ability to burn more calories (in comparison to the fat in your body) which means the more muscle you have the more fat you will be able to burn on a daily basis. Even while you are sleeping, muscles still burn fat because it has an active tissue and needs a constant energy to keep itself active and this energy is gotten from the calories that are being burned.

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Let’s Wrap It Up

weight gurusIn order to achieve your fitness goal, you should concentrate on losing body fat and increase muscle mass and this can only be achieved by constant training and regular tracking of how you are losing weight i.e. you should know the part of your body composition that is reduced.

Check out this great resource for reviews on the top body fat analyzers (CLICK HERE). These are highly recommended so you can track your success more accurately as compared to your standard bathroom scale.

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