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Due to the pandemic and related restrictions, many people have had to transfer relationships online. In order not to distаnce themselves from each other and constantly be in touch, lovers are now actively using various software, devices, and Internet services. Unfortunately, during the quarantine period, many can’t be close to loved ones, travel, and give each other warmth.

If you decide to maintain a long-distance relationship, be prepared for the format of your communication to change. All posts, photos, and videos are a kind of blog that you run for one person. You need to talk about everything that happens to you.

It’s crucial to give as many details as possible: with whom you talked, what you saw, what upset you. Your long-distance girlfriend needs to understand you and feel you. To make this distance less painful, think about how you can please your girl. Moreover, in the modern world, our opportunities and the best delivery services allow you to surprise your partner even when you are many miles away from each other.


A simple international phone call isn’t enough for a girl to feel your care and love. Send her a gift that will warm her and remind her of your soft hug.

In this article, we are talking about the top long-distance relationship gift ideas for her and how to please your soul mate. Let’s go!

#1 Flowers

Of course, this is the very first and most commonplace gift for her. Flowers are a classic gift tradition for many couples. Fortunately, this soulful gift is easy to deliver, no matter the distance. Just order flowers online or call a local florist, then google the best delivery services in her city — and enjoy the result. Your girlfriend will be delighted to discover flowers on her doorstep, especially if these are her favorite ones.

One amazing flower option that you can consider for your girlfriend is a sunflower bouquet with roses. It’s a wonderful way to show her how much you care and bring a smile to her face.


#2 Throw pillow

The next gift idea for a long-distance relationship is a throw pillow. When you are far away and can’t hug your girlfriend, you can send her a printed pillow. The print can have some kind of inspirational lettering, your photos, or even just your initials in a heart.

#3 A box of sweet treats
Long-distance relationships can be tough. There are many things that can make it easier to endure the distance, including sending a box of sweet snacks and treats your significant other will enjoy. If you want to make the gift even more personal, include their favorite imported sweets or get them one of those curated Japanese snack boxes. Add a cute little note in the box to make them smile.

#4 Video postcard

If you have a really strong and serious relationship, it will be very pleasant for her to receive a declaration of love as a long-distance relationship gift. But it can be done not only on paper. Send her a video gift in which you talk about your love, feelings, and emotions.


To do this, a simple online video camera and the most sincere words from the bottom of your heart will be enough. Such a video gift will be a great addition to any long-distance relationship gift ideas and can not only please and delight but surprise your partner as well.

#5 Certificate

Surely you know what your girlfriend adores. Maybe she is crazy about handmade lingerie or cosmetics of a certain brand, or she is delighted with absolutely all the merchandise of her favorite sports team.

Give her the opportunity to delight herself with nice little things and choose them on her own, having paid for the certificate in advance. In addition, you can purchase a certificate for absolutely everything — spa, beauty salon, entertainment, and so on.

#6 Send her a letter

No, not an email, but a regular letter, written in your hand and with the most ordinary pen. People are less likеly to write letters and receive news from loved ones in an envelope. A long-distance relationship is a great reason to choose this particular gift idea. Why don’t you compose a huge letter for your loved one?


A letter written on good paper and slightly sprinkled with your favorite perfume will make the girl feel your presence. Design the envelope and the paper itself in any online photo editor and surprise your partner with your efforts.

#7 Song

It’s not always necessary to spend a lot of money or think over-complicated plans to surprise a girl when having a long-distance relationship. Sometimes it’s enough just to do something with your own hands. Thanks to the Internet, today, everyone has such an opportunity.

You can record a song and send it as an audio message. The main thing is you should write it independently. Only the process of composing the text will require your energy here. Record the lyrics, add music, and send an amazing message. And if you want to conquer her heart and so that she will remember this forever, record your performance on video.

#8 Diamond Earrings

In a long-distance relationship, finding a gift that encapsulates the depth of your emotions can be a challenge. However, a beautifully crafted ring adorned with a sparkling diamond can remarkably bridge the gap between distances. It becomes a tangible representation of your unwavering commitment, much like how your love transcends physical boundaries. Just as the diamond’s brilliance remains unchanged, your feelings remain steadfast despite the miles apart. The ring’s timeless elegance, coupled with the enduring nature of diamonds, mirrors the timelessness of your relationship. This makes it a gift that dazzles the eyes and warms the heart, constantly reminding you of the love you share.

#9 Engraved jewelry

Present your girlfriend engraved jewelry, and she will never want to take it off. Surf the Internet to find a suitable option, make a purchase, and order an engraving that makes the gift more exclusive. It can be a necklace, ring, or bracelet.


By the way, custom coordinate bracelets are among the top of many long-distance relationship gift ideas. Your girlfriend will always be close to you thanks to such a bracelet with GPS locations. It’s a reminder of how serious you are. You can complement this present with a sweet box or a video gift we mentioned above.

#10 Photobook

A photo book is one of the best gifts-for-her options. This album will serve as a reminder of your love. Fill it with your favorite photos and memories, cute messages and inscriptions, and whatever else you want. She will be delighted to receive this surprise.

#11 Plane ticket

The best gift idea in a long-distance relationship is one that allows your loved one to come to you personally. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you probably buy tickets regularly, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a gift. You can also surprise your partner with pre-arranged travel or cruise tickets. What do you think about this gift idea for her? Impressive, right?

Long-distance relationships

Long-distance relationships are hard to maintain. Long-distance relationships are a definite challenge for two souls. However, strong and stable relationships can be easily formed with enough desire, effort, and regular communication. Moreover, you build trust and learn to be more creative when it comes to surprises.

In fact, there are a lot of long-distance relationship gift ideas. You can also send a sweet box, tickets to a concert or a theater; order a huge number of balloons using the delivery service; arrange a date on Skype; paint a portrait of her. There are several video gift options as well. You can present a smartphone holder or a case with an individual design. The list is endless. But we have tried to show you the most creative, in our opinion, long-distance relationship gift ideas.

We wish you all the best and boundless love in this difficult time!

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