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Holidays are tough. More specifically, buying gifts for the holidays is tough. Whether because you don’t know a person well, they seem to have everything, or they simply don’t want anything specific, it can be difficult to know what the best gift to give a loved one this holiday season.

In such cases, gift cards can save the day. And, today, with streaming sites becoming more and more popular, giving out a gift card that can be used in a streaming site, such as Netflix, makes perfect sense. Here’s why:

  1. Simplicity Of Purchase

The goal for purchasing holiday gifts doesn’t have to include looking for the ‘easy way out,’ but purchasing a Netflix gift card is very much a piece of cake.

A Netflix gift card can either be purchased online or through physical stores. There are many retailers that you can walk into, and from where you can purchase Netflix gift cards in many different dollar amounts.

No matter which route is chosen, a Netflix gift card can come in three different formats: physical gift card, on a receipt, or fully digital. Netflix gift cards can range anywhere from USD$30 to USD$200, depending on the amount the buyer intends to spend.

  1. No Commitments After Funds Run Out

For those gift card recipients who are not currently subscribed to Netflix, they’re not locked into anything simply because they activated an account with their gift card. This means new users can use their time as a trial period. If they don’t like the service, it simply cancels itself. And, if they do like the service, then they have the option to continue payments on their own. With so many employee’s now working from home, Netflix has become one of the main resources for procrastination, so there’s a good chance they’ll decide to further the service on their own.

But, for those who do not wish to continue their service, have no fear. When setting up a new account on Netflix, there’s no need to enter any credit or debit card info. Often times, it becomes the person’s responsibility to cancel their subscription before a certain date or they’ll automatically be charged for the succeeding months. However, this isn’t the case with Netflix, which is a definite bonus.

  1. Don’t Need To Be A New Subscriber To Redeem

Another cool thing about Netflix gift cards is that they can be redeemed in two different ways: either in the form of a new subscription or as payment for an existing subscription. This means that whether or not the gift card recipient has Netflix, they can utilize the gift regardless.

If the gift card recipient already has a Netflix account, as soon as they redeem their gift card, it will be made the primary form of payment until it runs out. This means that there’s no need to change anything in settings. Netflix will do it automatically, and once the gift card runs out, whichever card was previously on file will go back to paying for the service.

Similarly, when a new account holder is using a Netflix gift card to initially set up their service, the gift card will pay for the subscription until the funds run out. At that point, they’ll have the option to add their own card and continue service, or let it simply be disabled as the funds deplete.

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  1. Easy To Use

When it comes to activating a Netflix gift card, the recipient has very little responsibility. If they’re a first-time user, they’ll simply visit and enter their pin code. Where this code is located depends on the format of the gift card. A physical gift card will have the code underneath a foil strip on the back, a receipt will have it printed on the bottom, and an email will have it printed in the body of the email. Once they find their code, they enter it into the system and provide an email to create their new Netflix account.

The only difference in redeeming a Netflix card for someone who already has an account is that they have to sign into their account and select ‘redeem gift card or promo code’ from the account page.

  1. Variety Of Price Range

As with the majority of gift cards, there’s the option to choose different amounts on that gift card. Currently, these are the three available plan types:

  • Basic ($8.99/mo.)
  • Standard ($12.99/mo.)
  • Premium ($15.99/mo.)

The main difference between these packages is the number of users that can stream simultaneously. Basic allows only one user, while standard allows two, and premium allows four. Another difference between the three plans is that basic does not offer HD viewing, while standard and premium do.

The great thing about all of these plans is they can be watched on different platforms, from PC’s, to phones and tablets, to an Internet-connected TV or an Amazon Fire TV Stick. which utilizes the HDMI port.

As the holiday season approaches, decide on which plan your recipient would be happy to have, and, then, multiply its cost by the number of months you want to pay for. That will tell you how much to apply to the gift card!

  1. No Expiration

Another added bonus to a Netflix gift card is that there’s no expiration date, so the recipient can save it for as long as they would like, without missing out or losing their balance.

With the craziness of the holiday season, it’s not uncommon to misplace a gift card and find it a few months later. If this is ever the case with a Netflix gift card, there’s no need to worry; it will be redeemable no matter how long it sits before being used.

This also means if there’s a vacation or potential to work from home in the future, the recipient can save the gift card until they’re sure to get the most use out of it.


All in all, there’s no way to go wrong when you decide to purchase Netflix gift cards as presents for the people on your list this holiday season. They’ll have access to endless shows and movies that are updated monthly, as well as the ability to stream from any device. Also, they won’t be locked into anything by simply redeeming their gift, and the card can be saved for as long as they’d like.

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