First Date Advice for GuysAt we work hard to give you first date advice for guys.  We know how important it is to get that first date right.

It’s equally crucial to get the first date right whether it’s a casual hookup first and only date or whether it’s a first date which you want to lead to a potential relationship.

First Date Advice for Guys

#1. The Hookup First & Only Date Advice

If you’re looking for a hookup, have a look at these posts to find apps to use.

You don’t have to be a creep or sleazy to want some no strings attached fun.  There can be all sorts of reasons why a one-night stand suits both participants. With the amount of hookup apps available, you are bound to find one that fits with what you are looking for.

Living in our fast-paced, modern world, hookups are becoming more and more acceptable.

Let’s face it, it’s a numbers game!  Although I personally wouldn’t do this experiment!

This Hookup list comes from, it covers all the bases you need:

Hookup Checklist for men

  1. Be very comfortable in her company
  2. Let her get comfortable with you
  3. Don’t worry about silences, it is only awkward if you make it awkward
  4. Always have in your mind where to go, and a back-up if one place is closed
  5. Lead the entire date from picking the meet-up spot all the way to taking her home
  6. Look out for signs that she is enjoying your company
  7. Don’t react to these signs (be cool), if she is comfortable and enjoying herself keep the same vibe going.
  8. Have drinks but not too much – it is really not required, she can always pretend to be more drunk if it makes her feel more comfortable.
  9. Have your apartment already prepared with wine in the fridge, water, condoms, tidy room, low lit lighting and a nicely made bed.
  10. Hold her hand towards the end of the date, crossing the street, you don’t need to explain, just take her hand.
  11. Be a champion and take her home, happy hookup..!!

#2.  The First Date In a Potential Relationship Advice

If you’re looking for first date advice for a potential partner, have a look at my posts here:

You’ll find some great advice in both posts.  They will set you up perfectly for a successful first date with the potential girl of your dreams!

My final first date advice for guys is to know how to prevent stds, remember it’s better to be safe, than sorry!  Now that  you’re all set for your first date, go out and have some fun!


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