Going on first dates can fill you with anxiety, especially when your planned date is just a few days away. If it goes well and you have a great experience, you’ll want to keep dating your potential new love. Give these tips a try if you plan to win your date over after your first time out.

Send a Message or Make a Call


Once the date ends, you should reach out to the girl to show your interest. For example, if you have her number, you can send her a text or even make a phone call if you feel comfortable to let her know that you had a good time on your date.

Some people may view a phone call as too forward, so you should start with a text unless you feel confident. You can spark a conversation and ask if she wants to call. Doing so will help you see how she feels and get a feel for her mood.

After all, you want to win her over, but you never want to be forceful. Instead, start by getting a feel for the situation to determine if she wants to go on another date. If you think you have good odds, ask her again and wait for a response.

Buy a Nice Gift

Girls like it when men show their appreciation towards them. If you felt the date went well, you could buy a gift that’s not too over-the-top or expensive but is sweet and thoughtful at the same time. Make sure you think about your conversations during the first date and determine what you think she’d like as a gift.

If she likes art and food, you’ll want to find the best gifts under $50, such as a fruit arrangement or other lovely gesture of flowers or chocolates. You can also consider other interests you share, such as tickets to your favorite team’s upcoming game, which also provides the perfect opportunity to schedule your next date. 

If you buy a gift, have a good idea of how she’ll react. Some girls feel uncomfortable if they get a gift after the first date, while others love it if you don’t go overboard with the purchase. Because of that, you should always go with affordable and understated yet thoughtful gifts for the first purchase.

Listen to Her and Apply What She Says

Girls love it when people listen to them. Sometimes, people fall into a bad habit when communicating with others. Instead of focusing on what the person says, they only listen to a few keywords and think about their responses.

Listening remains a practical skill that will matter in your life, so always focus on listening. Instead of focusing on responding concentrate on her words as she speaks, and don’t think about what you want to say until she finishes.

You can bring up her words and thoughts later as you listen to her during the date. Doing so shows her that you listened to her, so she knows you care. That way, you can incorporate what she likes and make jokes referencing funny stories she told you.

Remain Honest

As you interact with girls, you’ll notice they care about trust and honesty. After all, people can do crazy things in this world, so girls will naturally be hesitant before they get to know you. However, you must show her that she can trust you, so remain honest whenever you interact with her.

For example, be honest if you need to cancel a second date with her. Let her know if something came up involving work or a family member so she doesn’t think you’re avoiding her. Don’t try and hide things from her since she’ll pick up on it and not trust you.

While you shouldn’t share personal information when you first meet someone, you shouldn’t go out of your way to lie or hide information. Telling the truth will show her that you trust her, so she’ll start to develop some trust with you.

Offer a New Date Idea

Once you contact her through one of the other methods, make sure you request another date. Girls usually go on a date with you at least once if they are interested. If they see potential in you, they’ll likely go on another date.

Be a gentleman but take the initiative. Instead of waiting for her to contact you, you need to reach out first. For example, ask her if she wants to go on a date with you and see if she makes any suggestions for future plans.

Final Points

After you leave a good impression on a girl following a first date, consider some choices to build your relationship. Doing so will help her feel comfortable around and inspire her to go on future dates. Try these tips out and see where it takes your relationship.


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Lewis Gordon is a successful businessman living in Boston, Massachusetts. When he’s not working, he enjoys travelling – especially tasting other cuisines, scuba diving, watching and playing soccer. Lewis also has a love of dogs and is the proud owner of an English Setter.

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